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COVID-19 has drastically changed all of our day-to-day lives and with businesses reopening, many people are having to rethink their approach to their profession. Architecture and construction have already had to evolve to meet the needs of our ‘new normal’, and it’s clear that new infrastructure designed to encourage social distancing will be more important than ever.

Cities have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic, serving as epicenters of disease transmission. Many large cities have been advocating for increased building density to combat urban sprawl, but after seeing how hard the virus is hitting crowded populations, many are starting to re-think this strategy. Concentrating populations may have a positive impact on climate change, but we still need to re-think the way the physical density is accounted for if we want to reduce the impact of future viruses.

Emergency and crisis architecture used to focus on war-time displacement camps but is now being looked to as a solution for mitigating the effects of disease and natural disasters. Transforming pre-existing buildings has proved to be one of the most sustainable methods for establishing fast structures to aid in emergency response. Modular designs, building with surfaces that prevent the spread of disease, and the ability to social distance within a space if needed will also be important moving forward.

With an increasing amount of time spent at home, architects also expect an increased importance put on our personal spaces. Quality and comfort have become a priority, and many homeowners have been re-thinking their needs and requirements. Whether it’s a more minimalist design to decrease clutter or the improvement of outdoor spaces, now is the time to evaluate how your home can be better suited for shelter in place situations. If you are looking to open up your home while still enjoying the comfort and safety of your living room, look no further than Panda Windows and Doors. With over 50 different systems to choose from and panels up to 20 feet tall, you’ll be able to enjoy unobstructed views even when you are stuck indoors.

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