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Modernize Your Home’s Appearance with

Residential Pivot Doors

Today’s home has clean, modern lines, but does your home’s initial impression reflect that minimalist appearance? As architectural design has moved forward, a sleeker look has taken hold. New trends demand that it be easier than ever to bring the outdoors in through larger doorways and plenty of windows.

One of the hottest trends for this year in terms of residential architecture and design is using pivot doors to meet these needs. Here’s a quick look at what a residential pivot door is, how it works, and the many options you have available to help you create a truly unique entry for your home.

Current Trends in Modern Architecture: The Over-sized Front Door

Recent trends have seen a number of changes in the type of doors consumers are looking for in homes, specifically doors that are bigger and taller than usual to let in more light and air. Painted finishes are trending towards darker blues, like navy or indigo, while warmer reds such as burgundy or plum are remain on trend as well.

The overall style is toward cleaner lines. Any glass found in the door is glazed directly into the door, while consumers are losing interest in paneled doors and molding surrounding the glazing. Where doors do have a panel, it’s a single panel, with all of the trim surrounding it of straight lines rather than decorative ogee or similar lines.

Another area where trends are changing is in the size of the door, which had gone from eight feet in the past to ten feet as the new normal. Today doors reaching up to even twelve feet tall are becoming very popular. A common trend now are doors that are both tall and wide. A door that is ten feet tall by six feet wide it quite common today – yet massive compared to the old standard of six feet eight inches by three feet wide. Also growing in popularity are Pivot doors which are specifically engineered to open smoothly, no matter the door size. But just what is a pivot door?

What is a Pivot Door and How Does it Work?

As people return to clean, modern lines, the pivot door has come back into vogue. Pivot hinges provide a fresh, modern look. Typically stretching from floor to ceiling and often passing across the entire entryway, residential pivot doors can pivot on a range of locations along the threshold, with larger, heavier doors requiring a pivot closer to the center of the door to maintain balance. Combined with side lites, this avoids the heavy appearance of a full door jamb while allowing as much light as possible into the home. As a bold architectural choice, it also makes the door appear to operate independently of the frame, creating a more futuristic look.

The pivots are partway in from the edge of the door and the door can be highly customized to determine the exact point of pivot. The pivot hinges are embedded into the top and bottom of the frame, allowing a much wider entryway than with traditional doors. This also makes it much easier to get bulky furniture into your home, old appliances out and all of those suitcases through the door after that long trip. Because the door opens up so widely, it creates a dramatic entrance that enhances the appearance of your spacious house, rather than limiting it.

Because residential pivot doors have solid engineering and strong materials in the frame, you can follow the more popular coastal style of maximizing the glass in the door to nurture your connection with the outdoors. Plenty of options are also available for more centrally-located homes that tend to trend to more solid doors or doors with partial lites instead of full lites. They’re also becoming very popular in terms of replacements for sliding glass doors or old-fashioned double doors, providing a modern touch on a structure with traditional architecture.

A Wide Range of Sizes, Colors and Other Customizable Features

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your residential pivot doors do a great job of complimenting your existing architecture and color design, and the many available options from Panda Windows & Doors delivers a world of possibilities. Available in sizes up to nine feet wide and eighteen feet tall, Panda has several different pivot hinges available to manage up to 750 pounds of entry door.

What’s more, you’ll have your choice of seven beautiful, rich, natural wood tones in the form of high-pressure laminate veneer for superior performance, as well as forty-eight pigment-rich colors, including a range of textured and smooth metallic options. Thirteen unique door designs work well with a wide range of available side lites to create a breathtaking entrance to your home. Six different hardware handles are available in black, chrome, brass, champagne and white, as well as ladder pulls providing plenty of places to get a grip on your door and open it.

Residential pivot doors also provide a range of security features. Because they don’t use traditional hinges but instead focus on a pivot system that is integrated into the door itself, they provide excellent security on the hinge side, while three different options provide security for the latch side, including a three-point latch, an available fourth-point extension for superior security on extra-large doors, a roller lock and a standard latch lock system. These locks can be automated with motorized locking and unlocking capability, allowing a fabulous pivot door to be a great addition to your smart home. You can lock and unlock your home with the standard keyhole, or you can upgrade to a biometric fingerprint reader or numeric keypad lock to make it easier to go keyless.

However, where you’ll really notice a difference with Panda residential pivot doors is in the features. An ADA-compliant door threshold is available in clear or dark bronze anodized, is sill pan compatible to provide better water performance and management and the aluminum extrusion design is anti-slip to make it easy to get back and forth across it, whether pushing a wheelchair or a baby stroller. A concealed self-closing mechanism makes them easy to use, while the steel pin spindles will deliver years of reliable service. Silent operation makes it easy to get the door open without waking up half the household, or the baby that’s in the stroller beside you. Every door system is created by hand, one at a time, in Panda’s state-of-the-art Las Vegas warehouse facility.

By keeping these factors and trends in mind when designing your home’s new entry, you can make sure that your oversized front door is design-forward and a great match to your home’s modern exterior. If you’re ready to see what’s available in residential pivot doors, Panda’s extensive line of customizable features will help you find exactly what your home needs for a truly dramatic entry. With a wide range of custom windows and doors, our dedication to superior style, comfort and performance are second to none.

Please feel free to browse our wide range of customized products or reach out to Panda’s experienced team with any questions, concerns or for additional information. With over 50 customizable products, there are no limitations in making your imagination a reality.