Building your dream home or flipping an older one? We’ve got the perfect variety of systems for you. All of our products are custom-made to your specifications. Allow us to be inspired by your imagination and make your dream home a reality.

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Panda Windows & Doors is proud to present its flagship, award-winning TS.X0 Door System. Featuring an ultra-thin 15/16” profile and immersive glass paneling, the TS.X0 serves to redefine the modern luxury living space. Elevate your space by integrating the style-rich craftsmanship and high-end class of the TS.X0 into your business or home. With a view that draws in and holds the eye, the TS.X0 is designed to make the best first impression possible!


Lift & Slide

Lift & Slide Door Systems are a popular choice for efficiently opening up large expanses. Able to support panels as large as 100sqft, the system can still be operated with a single finger! A system of levers and wheels drops each panel to the floor sill, compressing double v-gaskets against the floor, sides, and top of the panel. The gaskets are designed to create an airtight and watertight seal around each panel. The result is a system remarkably weather-proof and secure against forced entry.


Folding Doors

Also known as bi-fold systems, Folding Door Systems are a popular choice for maximizing openings (up to 90%) without the need for pocketed areas. Featuring a top-hung design, the system panels slide and stack perpendicular against one or both of the opening jambs similar to an accordion or z-fold motion.



Also known as sliding doors or telescoping doors, Multi- Slide Door Systems are ideal for opening up large expanses. The system is composed of several panels that slide and stack to one or both sides of an opening or are concealed entirely within a pocket. The number of panels included in one system is virtually unlimited!

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Panda Select

The Panda Select series offers modestly priced versions of our popular door systems. A great choice for efficiently opening up large expanses, the Panda Select Lift & Slide Door System features complete door/ panel articulation with the touch of a finger! Panda Select systems are remarkably weather-proofed and secure against forced entry.


Horizontal Sliding Wall

The HSW Door System is the premier option for maximizing openings (up to 100%) by sliding and storing panels outside of the opening. The system is top-hung and comprised of multiple individual panels. Featuring completely customizable parking areas, the panels slide and stack anywhere —- even in a closet around the corner.

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French Doors

French doors, also known as egress or terrace doors, are a popular choice for entryways and patio applications. French Door Systems can be fabricated with sidelights and transom windows for added glass and design purposes. High-capacity in terms of weight and endurance, the panels in this line can support large swing-doors that may exceed 40 sqft. using a single panel.

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Pivot Doors

Pivot Door Systems are a popular choice for entryway doors, accommodating a wider and taller opening with a single panel. Each unit is fabricated with a concealed self-closer in either the subfloor or the header. Pivot Door Systems can be fabricated with sidelights and transom windows for added glass and design purposes.

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Operable Windows

Our operable windows frames are so flexible that they can be customized and adapted in five different ways, essentially giving you 15 various window options that are guaranteed to open up your space.