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Tearing Down Walls… and Replacing

them with Glass Doors

Open floor plans have long been the popular choice for modern homes. Removing a wall between a kitchen and a dining room is one of the most common projects undertaken in remodels that results in the biggest impact. Removing barriers between rooms to create a continuous sightline can make a home feel as though the square footage is larger than it is – which adds value to the home.

Some homeowners are not only removing interior walls – they are tearing down exterior walls and replacing them with large glass doors. Tearing down walls by removing large sections of stucco, siding, and drywall and replacing them with massive, sliding (or folding) glass doors that open up a space completely adds many benefits to a home.

Tearing Down Walls and Replacing them with Glass Doors

The Benefits of Tearing Down Walls (and Replacing Them with Glass Doors)

  • Enhances living areas with natural day lighting and clean, fresh outdoor air.
  • Well known for creating the largest glass doors in the industry, Panda glass door systems are engineered with clean lines to enhance natural views with minimal obstruction.
  • Well-designed glass doors systems that open and stack (or pocket) can create the ultimate backyard retreat for entertaining or vacationing at home.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a glass door system by opening your doors to double your living space, or keeping them closed while still enjoying the view.
  • Panda customizeable glass door systems also come in a variety of finishes and options to complement the décor of any home.

Won’t Adding More Windows Affect the Energy Efficiency of My Home?

Panda Sliding and Folding glass door systems are precision engineered with the finest material to create the most durable and reliable system on the market. We offer insulated and low-e glass options to help keep a home’s interior at the desired temperature. Our Lift & Slide Glass Door Systems also contain special gadgets that, when closed, create a complete, energy-efficient seal around each panel. Our Impact line is even capable of surviving hurricane-strength forces.

Recommended for zones that endure extreme hot or cold weather conditions, we also offer thermally broken systems that help reduce the transfer of heat and cold into conditioned spaces. This allows for the system to be more energy efficient.

Tearing Down Walls… and Replacing them with Lift and Slide Glass Doors

If you’re considering tearing down some walls in your remodel or custom home project and replacing them with sliding glass doors, we invite you to reach out to Panda’s experienced team.