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Explore Our Elegant Steel Windows and Doors

Steel Doors



Steel Doors and Windows

When technology meets

design and steel

Since the days of Frank Lloyd Wright, forward-thinking architects and designers have been incorporating steel doors and windows into their projects to create a seamless transition to the outdoors while delivering timeless elegance and sophistication.

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Explore our Elegant Steel Windows & Doors

The sleek, crisp lines of steel make a bold statement that inspires warmth, creativity, and innovation while delivering timeless elegance and sophistication.

Whether designing a dream home, constructing a commercial enterprise, or refurbishing an older building, steel windows and doors offer durability and elegance that is simply unmatched. 

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The Benefits of Steel Windows and Doors


Today steel is re-emerging as a sign of sophistication as architects and designers seek stronger windows, open views, and natural light for both commercial buildings and residences.


Expansive openings of steel and glass are perfect for enhancing natural views. The inherent strength of steel enables it to be molded in the thinnest profiles to unveil nearly unobstructed views.


The strength of steel offers the opportunity to stretch panels to massive dimensions to cover large spans with steel and glass. Steel windows and doors from Panda also offer the strongest barrier against unwanted intrusion.


As steel can be easily molded and rolled into any shape to offer nearly limitless design and configuration options, it’s easy to see why steel is a favorite material to work with among architects and engineers.


Panda offers a variety of profiles that deliver the structural integrity and energy efficiency of steel. Options include thermally-broken profiles to further reduce steel’s inherent low thermal transmission.

Panda Minimal steel windows & doors combine a number of unique advantages including resistance to rust, a superb finish, and a clean, minimalist design.



Steel Windows

Panda steel windows offer sleek lines and minimal profiles to deliver a minimalist aesthetic and powerful architectural appeal. 


Steel Swing Doors

Panda steel swing doors, also known as french or terrace doors, deliver performance with minimal sightlines.



Folding Steel Doors

Also referred to as bi-fold doors or accordion doors, Panda’s innovative Folding Doors are available as in- or out-swing configurations.  



M.40 Hot-Rolled Profile

Panda’s M.40 Hot-Rolled Profile represents decades of modern technology advancements to legacy steel window profiles. Offering excellent acoustical and thermal performance, the M.40 hot-rolled steel profile is favored by architects for its ultra-slim sightlines and strength.

  • Solid hot-rolled steel profiles
  • Classic “stepped leg” design
  • Precision, hot-rolled steel profiles of 5 mm thickness
  • Self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets
  • Accommodates double and triple glazing up to 28 mm
  • Low U-Factor >0.35
  • Choice of different glazing beads
  • Compatible with 16 mm friction hinges
  • Classic or modern designs available in custom configurations and finishes

MT.50 Thermally-Broken Profile

Made from 1.5 mm top-quality steel joined with a high quality polyurethane insulator, Panda’s cold-rolled MT.50 Thermally Broken Profile offers the same thin profile and minimalist appearance as the M.40 hot-rolled profile with added thermal performance. Panda’s MT.50 steel profile represents the most technologically advanced thermally-broken steel system available to meet today’s extreme weather and high-efficiency demands. 

  • Offers excellent thermal performance with a Low U-Factor of >0.28 
  • Most minimal thermally-broken steel profile available with dual rubber seals 
  • Offers similar narrow sightlines of M.40 hot-rolled profiles
  • Classic “stepped leg” design
  • Mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
  • Precision, cold-formed steel profiles of 1.5 mm thickness
  • Profile accommodate double and triple glazing up to 37 mm
  • Choice of different glazing beads
  • Compatible with 16 mm friction hinges
  • Classic or modern designs available in custom configurations and finishes