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Elegance in Protection: The Beauty and Strength of Hurricane Sliding Glass Doors

Homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas often think they have to sacrifice home aesthetics to protect their property in the event of a major storm by opting for smaller doors, minimizing the amount of glass used, or simply avoiding glass doors altogether. They don’t want to risk property damage during a storm or deal with the hassle and unsightly appearance of covering the windows with plywood. 

But did you know that your home can be fitted with large, beautiful hurricane sliding glass doors that don’t sacrifice safety and functionality? Here are a few ways these doors keep your home safe without impacting your desired home aesthetic.

Laminated Glass

Glass doors and windows let you enjoy the beautiful, breathtaking view that was part of why you bought this home in the first place! It welcomes in the natural light, making your home feel open and airy. 

Understandably, though, glass is one of the most obvious vulnerabilities when it comes to a hurricane or storm.

Luckily, laminated glass lets you enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of a wide glass door while minimizing the risk of damage. You can opt for larger openings or more glass in the door design without compromising safety. 

How does laminated glass work and offer you more security in a storm? Unlike tempered glass that shatters into small pieces, laminated glass resists shatters, cracks, and breaks even in extreme situations like hurricane-force winds. It can handle the pressure of a major storm while taking little to no damage. 

Plus, you can get a beautiful view and maximize clear open space with up to 100 percent pocketed doors. This creates a seamless transition between inside and outside when you are ready to throw open the doors and embrace an evening outside.

Sturdy, Elegant Frames

By itself, laminated glass won’t do much for a hurricane sliding glass door if the frame itself bends under the pressure of the storm.

A thin or weak frame can easily be dented or damaged with the onset of a major storm. Strong winds or flying debris could damage the doorframe or even knock it loose, but you can avoid that situation with quality frames. 

Most people want a sturdy steel or aluminum frame. Aluminum is both popular and plentiful with the benefit of being both light and strong. It makes it easy to maneuver your doors around while resisting major damage. Alternatively, you might want to opt for a wood-clad door if you want the aesthetic of a wooden frame with the added durability of aluminum.

Quality Hardware

When it comes to the structural integrity of a door, it’s easy to overlook one unsung hero: the hardware!

Think about all the components that allow your door to work properly: handles, rollers, locking mechanisms, hinges, and so on. All these hardware pieces need to be constructed to withstand hurricane impact, too.

In addition to the more obvious threat of storm damage, people in hurricane-prone areas also need to be aware of a silent, slow-moving threat: corrosion. Weather conditions and salty air in coastal areas can wear down hardware, making it weak and more difficult to maneuver. 

With a multi-point locking mechanism and corrosion-resistant hardware, the hurricane-rated door options from Panda Windows and Doors are designed to help your home remain as safe as possible. You can bunker down inside and rest assured that your door is not going anywhere during a major storm.

Recessed Tracks

During storms with excessive rain and flooding, it’s essential to have doors that can reduce or prevent the amount of water that seeps through the cracks.

With the right hurricane sliding glass doors, you can get recessed tracks that include a drainage channel. For homes located in areas with heavy rains and impacts from severe weather, these recessed tracks can safely divert water away from your home.

Along with function, recessed tracks provide form! Panda offers a barefoot-friendly recessed track that sits 3/16” above your floor, meaning you can cross the threshold without any risk of tripping or stubbing your toe on the track. It looks attractive and provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

Custom, High-Quality Hurricane Sliding Glass Doors at Panda

Are you ready to upgrade your home to doors and windows that are functional without sacrificing the aesthetic of your design? Panda Windows & Doors offers custom and luxury window and door options that will make any home or commercial property stand out. 

If you need something that can help withstand the actions of a hurricane, we have a selection of hurricane-rated sliding doors that can reduce the risk of damage and help keep your home safe. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we can provide for any environment and every situation you could imagine!

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