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Enhance Building Safety with Laminated Security Doors

One of the more appealing benefits of glass doors, particularly today’s popular oversized versions that can replace entire walls, is the seamless transition between the inside and outside world. The breathtaking beauty that can be found beyond your property borders was never meant to be kept out, and sometimes your standard window just isn’t enough.

Still not everyone is comfortable with large glass doors, particularly if they live in an area that’s more prone to adverse events. They may feel that a wall of glass cannot provide the same level of safety as a traditional plaster or brick wall.

Fortunately, there are options available that can offer the same peace of mind without closing the property off. Keeping your home or business safe starts with a stable physical perimeter, one that’s durable enough to withstand a variety of external forces.

Laminated Security Glass Offers Added Security Without Compromise

Laminated security glass can reduce the odds of forced entry without compromising the aesthetic value of a building.

When it comes to safety glass, most people are familiar with tempered glass which is, often incorrectly, referred to as the industry standard. However tempered glass is designed to shatter safely into small pieces. Laminated glass windows and doors on the other hand are designed to resist breakage or damage – even in a hurricane.

Don’t Trade in Your View for Security

In many ways, this is the answer for so many property owners who want a positive change. The right glass is a true luxury that can transform a property and let in all the natural light you’ll ever need. The best part is, you won’t have to compromise to get it.

We’ll look at the benefits of this kind of glass and the mechanisms that make it so reliable.

Laminated Glass to Enhance Building and Occupant Security

Finding the Best Laminated Glass Options for Property Owners

Security can present something of an aesthetic challenge to many property owners: the more protected a building looks, the less welcoming it may seem.

Residential homeowners, for example, want to balance the view of their land with their desire to be safe when they’re inside. 

Commercial property owners want guests and employees to be comfortable both when they’re approaching the building and once they get inside. However, they also want to send a message to criminals that this is not a building that can be easily breached. 

Lift and Slide Glass Doors Offer the Best of Both Worlds

At first glance, lift and slide doors with optional laminated glass may seem to expose both the people and property inside. However, these doors are actually an invitation to enjoy a different lifestyle, one where you don’t have to separate yourself from the wonders of our natural world. 

And when you do want protection against the dangers out there, you can find safety glass that will be tough as nails against nearly any danger. The key is to find a security glass manufacturer that has enough experience to ensure you, your loved ones, and guests have the upper hand. 

Break Ins and Impact Resistance: How Laminated Glass Protects

Whether from an errant tree branch or a motivated criminal, forced entry is a common concern of property owners. Laminated glass products need to take into account unpredictable weather patterns and even more unpredictable people. 

It’s why there are a number of construction techniques that make it possible to attain the beauty of glass while still preventing accidents. If you’re comparing laminated security glass and standard glass, there’s no contest. 

Security Glass: Engineered and Fabricated for Extreme Durability

The process of constructing laminated security glass toughens what is commonly known as a vulnerable material and makes it incredibly resilient against shatters, cracks, and breaks. 

The difference between laminated glass and standard glass is that the former can handle the heat and pressure. Materials like polyvinyl butyral or SGP can strengthen the glass as a laminated layer or pressed between 2 or more layers, or both. Regardless of where you live, the laminated panes offer that much more protection (and more importantly, peace of mind). 

Never Have to Compromise Your View

Laminated glass windows and doors are designed to keep break ins at bay whereas a normal glass window can quickly crumple under excess force. If you’re concerned about finding a window and door for a room that has plenty of exposure, consider how laminated glass stacks up against regular glass. 

Enhance Building and Occupant Security with Laminated Security Glass and Other Glass Door Safety Options

Laminated Security Glass for Improved Safety

As we’ve mentioned, the most commonly known glass safety option is tempered glass which, if broken, shatters in small pieces instead of large shards. This version of safety glass is strengthened with the help of chemical treatments and heating. Glass tempered certainly has its benefits, but it’s not necessarily suitable for most windows and doors.

Laminated security glass on the other hand is designed to resist breakage altogether. With 30 years of industry experience, our preferred process for laminated security glass involves applying laminate to a “heat-strengthened” or partially tempered piece of glass. 

This process is so effective that it’s been known to ward off everything from excessive heat to sharp rocks to projectiles thrown by hurricane-force winds. This is music to our clients’ ears, as many of them are no strangers to these kinds of adverse events. 

An Engineered Solution for Harsh Environments

If you’re wondering ‘how is safety glass made?’ or ‘what is safety glass made of?’, you should know that there are two layers that work together to strengthen the property. A reputable glass laminated company always has your security in mind and will ensure that it’s tested at every step of the way. 

When you pair Panda’s oversized Lift & Slide glass doors with laminated security glass, you create a combination durable enough to stand up to the harshest environments. Even if you don’t expect the glass to come up against certain forces, it’s a comfort to know that your perimeter can’t be easily breached.

What Security Means to Your Property and How Custom Layers of Glass Can Help 

When it comes down to it, your defenses are the most important part of your property. How you shield the people and items inside has a lot to do with how you experience the property. No matter how beautiful it is, it’s difficult to truly enjoy a space that you don’t feel safe in. Investing in your security with layers of glass can strike the precise balance you need. 

Being able to witness your wide-open view on a regular basis is an invitation to daily relief. Just the act of peering out of a window and door can be enough to lift your spirits. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, a clear wall of glass has a way of uplifting and inspiring.

Secure Your Building and Reduce Your Stress 

Instead of feeling vulnerable to the unknown elements that lie below or beyond, you can rest assured that your security glass will endure. No matter how big your property is or what glass type you’re looking for, you can find custom options available in the industry. 

People purchase glass doors for any number of reasons, and it’s not just because they’re located on a world-class beach or next to stunning mountaintops. Some people just want to have more light in their lives, whether it’s coming from the moon, stars, or sun. 

At Panda, we make our products so you can sleep soundly at night. What was once considered impractical for both commercial and residential properties alike is a sound decision today. The advanced construction techniques for laminated security glass have both literally and figuratively opened doors for property owners all over the world. 

Enhance Building and Occupant Security with Laminated Security Glass and Other Glass Door Safety Options

Oversized Sliding Glass Doors and Safety from Panda: What You Should Know

The safety of those inside, whether they’re owners, occupants, or guests, is critical to Panda. Our windows and doors are a touchpoint to the outside world, allowing everyone to experience the harmony between nature and the luxuries of an enclosed structure.

Our Values Leads our Research and Development

This is what we’ve specialized in, and is reflected in every pane we produce. Our team is constantly testing and evaluating our components against some of the harshest conditions that can be mustered. To truly safeguard our clients, and with the support of independent third parties and testing agencies, we have tested our systems against a variety of simulated incidents that could happen to any given property over the years.

To effectively accomplish this, our manufacturing process can’t leave anything to chance. We build our doors with the utmost of care and to the highest level of quality and durability. Available laminated custom options make it possible to defend the building against the forces of nature or intruders. Expertly engineered multi-point locks augment the resistant glass making it more difficult to penetrate.

When the View Matters

When you have stunning views just outside the property, you have every reason to show it off when you use laminated glass. Feel free to reach out to us for any reason. If you’re wondering how laminated security glass is made, we’re here to give you the details. If you just want to tell us more about the scale of your property, we’re here to take down your dimensions and share how our engineering team can help.

There are plenty of property owners out there who mistakenly believe that their home or commercial residence isn’t a good candidate for oversized sliding glass doors. However, the reality is that advanced construction techniques have managed to put your security front and center.

When you’re ready to open up your property without inviting in the more destructive elements, contact us to learn why our customized glass doors are every bit as secure as you need them to be.


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