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ADA Compliant & More: Tracks for Every Door Application

At Panda our innovative and precision-engineered approach extends to our track systems. Choose from barefoot friendly designs, ADA compliant, recessed systems to create the look of floor-to-ceiling glass, and even hidden drainage tracks for weather proofing.

Featured below is a small fraction of our track systems. To view the specific tracks available for each system, please download a product brochure.


1 ¼” Barefoot Friendly Recessed Track

This track is recommended for applications with wood subflooring or post-tension concrete and where trenching to install a track is not possible. This track is intended for Multi-Slide Door systems that do not require comprehensive protection against harsh weather conditions.


2-½” Recessed Drainage Track

This track is ideal for applications implementing floor-to-ceiling glass as it allows the panel to be recessed. This option is not recommended in commercial applications that require ADA compliance.

This particular recessed drainage track was designed for Panda’s flagship, slim-profile TS.X0 Multi-Slide Door system.


5/8″ Surface Track

This track is available only for the All Aluminum – S.81 Multi-Slide door system.

Sill pan, weep drainage, and ramp options are also available. Installs directly on top of finished flooring or can be partially recessed, offering the most comprehensive protection from harsh weather conditions.


2-½” Recessed Drainage Track

This track is ideal for applications implementing floor-to-ceiling glass as it allows the panel to be recessed.

Commonly used on Lift & Slide Doors where added weather protection is needed.


1-½” ADA Recessed Drainage Track

Available for Folding Doors and ideal for commercial applications with ADA compliant recessed drainage.


¾” Recessed Track

The smallest recessed track available for Folding Doors, recommended for interior applications or applications where the door system features full coverage.


2-3/16″ Standard Surface Track

Similar in design and installation to the 2-3/16″ thermally-broken standard surface track, this is an option for non-thermally broken units. Can be powder coated to match the system finish. Available for Folding Doors.


Dust Proof Keepers

The most minimal, no-track option available for Horizontal Sliding Walls (HSW). Recommended for applications with high foot-traffic and limited weather exposure; as it has no weather resistance properties. Each keeper cylinder can lock when panels are open to become ADA compliant.

If you’d like to learn more about Panda doors and their available track systems, reach out to Find A Dealer today.