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The View Matters: Ultra-Slim Profiles & Sliding Glass Doors

Whether it’s ocean waves, mountain peaks, or your new flowerbeds, the view from a home or commercial building can be just as important as the finishes inside. When you purchase a property, you’re probably not planning on shutting out the world to it but rather looking for ways to connect the interior to the exterior.

Ultra-thin profiles for large sliding glass doors can make it possible to bridge the gap.

The beauty and drama unfolding beyond your doors are more than something to glance at from time to time. Yet most people forget just how much is going on outside their properties simply because they’re too closed off visually. If you want true outdoor living, an elegant sliding glass door can do wonders for your lifestyle.

When the View Matters - Ultra-Slim Profiles for Large Sliding Glass Doors

How Patio Door Profiles Can Complement Your Home

Ultra-slim profiles for glass doors can make the transition between the two worlds virtually seamless. It can offer a new lease on a room you’ve known for years. The right decor in a room can fundamentally shift how a person perceives not just the property, but also the natural world that lives just outside of it.

Whether you’re looking for aluminum or clad-wood door panels to match the current layout, Panda is known for meshing with virtually any style.

Door Systems that Work: Glass Panels in Action

Poorly made door panels can be unwieldy, particularly if they snag in certain parts of the frame or if they are too bulky or heavy to move. Quality sliding glass with heavy-duty rollers should be as smooth as silk to open and close. When Panda begins to manufacture any product, we keep in mind how different people will interact with the product regularly to ensure smooth operation.

Step Away from Your Distractions and Awaken Your Senses

Note how the TS.XO and S.90 multi-slide patio doors are built to draw your eye away from the panels themselves to the view of the outdoors.

The ability to look up and gain inspiration from a view that lies just outside a sliding glass door is priceless. When you want more from your space, consider how the door systems from Panda Windows & Doors can add so much to a space without adding very much at all.

When the View Matters - Ultra-Slim Profiles for Large Sliding Glass Doors

The TS.XO System Offers Unbeatable Clarity and Scale in an Ultra-Slim Profile

If you don’t want to compromise on quality or security with windows doors, our TS.XO doors have been extensively tested to highlight the view and stay strong against external forces. Huge glass panels can be customized to fit massive heights or widths and boast unbeatable clarity.

What Is the Largest Sliding Glass Door Size?

Panda Windows & Doors is known for its world-class engineering expertise. Our TS.X0 has been engineered to fit panels 250 sq. ft. across and up to 16 ft. high.

The TS.X0 glass, dividers, and optional recessed headers and jambs are all designed to create a vertical illusion of floor-to-ceiling glass. It’s a stunning way to make a room as captivating inside as it is out.

Mechanical integrity is of paramount importance when it comes to constructing these products, and Panda makes no compromises with our patio doors. For any panel more than 10 ft. in height, our engineers ensure that all stiles are structurally reinforced without sacrificing your view.

Minimalism at Its Best: How Ultra-Slim Glass Doors Enhance the View

Unobstructed views of your property’s exterior start by removing the distractions. It’s why Panda Windows & Doors created the award-winning TS.X0 Multi-Slide glass door with a profile of less than one inch (15/16″) across.

Reliable craftsmanship and practically invisible glass come together to give you an ever-changing picture of the wild and wonderful beauty that is the Great Outdoors. Sliding doors from Panda are available in an array of finishes, including powder-coated aluminum and clad wood, making it possible to match the decor of virtually any existing room.

Why Windows and Doors Merge Your Two Worlds

If you’re looking for a variety of color options or door options, it’s a good time to discover how our products can be integrated to achieve true indoor-outdoor living. Embracing your home or commercial space means appreciating and highlighting everything it has to offer.

When the View Matters - Ultra-Slim Profiles for Large Sliding Glass Doors

Large Sliding Glass Doors Made for Every Room and View

The TS.XO system features clean lines that make for minimal obstructions when the doors are closed. It’s perfect for the days when you want to watch the storm clouds gather and block out the wind.

When this door system is open, you eliminate any interference entirely. Enjoy sweeping views of an unblemished landscape, the Milky Way, or the lights shining on a rooftop patio.

Do you Need to Move 800 Pounds of Glass? No Problem!

With these oversized glass doors, we combine durable steel rollers and lightweight 6063-T6 aluminum. This gives the doors a nearly weightless sensation as they’re opened or closed.

These glass panels can easily weigh more than 800 pounds, and they are installed and operate effortlessly in some of the most impressive homes and commercial spaces in the country.

Unforgettable Properties, Unforgettable Views

The user-friendliness of our systems is a serious benefit for our clients, particularly when you factor in the scale of these properties. Considering many of our customers will need to impress their clients in a commercial (or even residential space), glass doors can go a long way to make a lasting impression.

When the View Matters - Ultra-Slim Profiles for Large Sliding Glass Doors

World-Class Engineering for World-Class Landscapes

When you choose these door panels for your home, you have the power to adjust the room exactly as you see fit. The ultra-slim profiles of these glass doors can quite literally double your space by connecting the outside with the inside.

Panda Windows & Doors Automates Your View

If you’re ready to let the sun pour in or the breezes waft over you, it takes nothing more than the touch of a button to move hundreds of pounds of glass out of your way.

When you want to steer clear of a thunderstorm or brutal gusts of wind, simply close them back up again. You can still enjoy the dynamics of the weather without exposing yourself to its worst elements. From heavy storms to extreme temperatures, these doors are designed to handle it. We work closely with our automation partners to ensure a smooth and easy install and precision-engineered functionality for years to come.

Panel Storage for Ultra-Thin Profiles

When pocketed, the TS.XO panels disappear completely into a wall for 100% clear space and true indoor-outdoor living. While not required, adding a pocketed space for panel storage can make a glass door installation all the more impressive.

When You Can’t Afford to Take Chances with Your Safety

Ultra-slim glass doors from Panda are also made with your security in mind. Able to defend against vandalism, burglary, and extreme weather alike, these structures are stronger than their profiles would suggest.

Multi-point locking mechanisms further enforce the doors, providing safety and peace of mind by way of quality materials and expert engineering. In addition, the thermally broken aluminum frame options limit the transfer of heat or cold, which can help you keep your air-conditioned spaces regulated on even the hottest (or coldest) of days.

If the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Panda launched as a business 30 years ago in Las Vegas, NV where temperatures can climb well into the 110s and beyond. If anyone knows just how important it is to insulate a property, it’s our team.

We want everyone to love their outdoor space as much as they love their interior – but that doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. So we enhance our elegant systems by adding greater performance and weather protection.

When the View Matters - Ultra-Slim Profiles for Large Sliding Glass Doors

Let the Light In: Narrow Profiles and Slender Frames for Pocketed or Curved Rooms

Many of our sliding door systems are created for largely conventional spaces with straight lines. However, there’s no need to forego larger sliding glass doors if you want to outfit a property with a unique configuration. The S.90 Multi-Slide system from Panda features a narrow profile that can fill any room with sunlight, moonlight, or even starlight.

Aluminum Sliding Doors Free Up More Room

The all-aluminum slender frame takes up less space, making it ideal for radius configurations. Breakfast nooks, dens, and bedrooms alike can all benefit from a little extra brightness, made possible by versatile doors that mix up your interior design for the better.

With panel thickness of 1.25″ and a stile and rail profile of just 2.62″, these multi-slide doors stack against one another, opening up the room and encouraging people to enjoy the view. The features of the S.90 offer more than just small pleasures — this is a way to reimagine what your space can be.

The Enduring Promise of Large Patio Doors

Prioritizing indoor/outdoor living spaces is a proven way to lift the mood and give everyone inside some much-needed space from the everyday trappings of the modern world. To do this, you need to eliminate as many barriers as possible, regardless of whether the doors are open or closed. It’s not an understatement when we say the S.90 can deliver psychological benefits.

At Panda Windows & Doors, every system is made with long-term results in mind. From aesthetics to functionality, our products add value to the look and feel of your property without making you or your family any more vulnerable.

When compared to traditional walls and doors, there’s no question. As with our TS.XO system, the ultra-thin profile of S.90 patio doors is every bit as resilient against an external force as you would expect.

The Benefits of Telescoping Doors and Large Expanses

Telescoping doors are often chosen for large rooms because they have a way of opening them up to the world. Some property owners may think they need to be overlooking the ocean to invest in these kinds of doors, but this does the people inside a disservice.

Traditional patio doors can’t match up to the benefits of expansive glass doors. The former simply can’t give the view the respect and attention it deserves. If you really want a boundless experience with every glance, you need to find a door system that can live up to your expectations.

Unlimited Number of Glass Panels

Long, expansive walls of glass are entirely possible by adding a virtually unlimited number of glass panels. This feature translates to conference rooms, family rooms, and offices of any size getting a makeover that the people inside won’t soon forget.

Slim Designs and Minimalist Looks

Multi-Slide door systems from Panda Windows & Doors offer several door options for profile thickness. This can help create a minimalist or modern look that can enhance anything from the furniture inside to the colors outside.

When the View Matters - Ultra-Slim Profiles for Large Sliding Glass Doors

Customizing Your Door System: Oversized Glass Doors for Every Decor

Rooms with true, unobstructed views have to take into account multiple elements, including the design and layout of the interior. It’s easy to see how the wrong patio door could block the light or obscure the moon. With oversized glass doors, there is no seat in the room with a bad view.

Color Options for the TS.XO and S.90 Door Systems

Crafted with your specifications in mind, ultra-slim profiles for sliding glass doors can fit with nearly any decor. From powder-coated aluminum to clad wood finishes, we offer a variety of standard colors and finishes – and can also customize nearly any selection of your choosing. Our team knows that true integration takes into account each customer’s specific requirements.

How to Integrate the Doors with Your Decor

When the design elements of space all complement one another, nothing competes and the eye can be drawn to one focal point – for example, the view. Every detail of Panda’s custom doors, from the finish and hardware, can be designed to fit into a space seamlessly.

The Beauty of Our Ever-Evolving World

While we can sometimes picture our landscapes as relatively fixed, nothing could be further from the truth. From blooming flowers to vivid sunsets to blistering winds, the views outside never stay the same. Focusing on this can give us all a much-needed change in perspective.

There’s a lot to be said for this kind of beauty, particularly if you spend a lot of time in the space. Whether it’s long hours at the office or your office is the third bedroom in your home, nearly everyone knows what it’s like to be inside the entire day.

After a while, you’ll start to appreciate how the constantly changing colors and patterns are a part of your property. If you’re used to taking the outdoors for granted, sliding glass doors invite you to take it all in.

From Technical Details to Design Integration: Contact Panda Today

When the view matters, we’re here to discuss how to make the most of it. Windows and doors are our specialties, one that we’ve honed over many years. If you’re wondering how much do sliding glass doors cost or just want to know if they can fit your massive conference room, we’re here to help.

Your property deserves to highlight its best features, and we know how to showcase it in ways you’ve never even imagined before. Contact us today to learn more.

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