Durable and Low Maintenance Sliding Glass Door Systems

Most homeowners have their hands full when it comes to maintaining their homes and upkeep is a major concern. Today most people are leading busy lives, and they prefer that every product and finish in their home is low maintenance – from their floors to their sliding glass doors.

For this reason, many homeowners are opting for aluminum sliding glass doors over vinyl. Not only is recyclable aluminum more sustainable than plastic, when properly fabricated, finished, and paired with the right hardware – aluminum doors and windows are a reliable, fade-resistant, low maintenance choice. 


Anodized Aluminum – Starting with the Right Finish

Anodized is an industry term that refers to the strengthening of a material via a specific electrochemical process. When this process is applied to aluminum, the result is a lightweight material that is also incredibly durable. While standard doors can chip, faded, or peel (particularly in high-exposure areas of the home), anodized aluminum holds strong against inclement weather and man-made hazards alike.

At Panda Windows & Doors, we offer a number of exterior doors in anodized finishes. By altering the structure of the metal, we make it possible for our customers to avoid corrosion, creating a surface that is perfect for nearly any application (e.g., adhesives, paint, etc.).

This anodization process was originally popularized in the early 1920s, though the costs of anodized aluminum caused it to lose favor over time. Panda Windows & Doors continue to invest in this option though because the results are simply better and more reliable than its less expensive counterparts.


Durable, Smooth European Rollers

Structural integrity in a door system is critical to how it operates. Some homeowners worry that heavily used, large sliding door systems are more likely to have issues. However, an alternative to worrying is having a durable system in place. Panda products use a proven blend of rollers and pulls that make for smooth, reliable operation even after long-term daily use.

Whether it’s a party guest or a careless teenager, we know that people don’t always handle a rolling door with kid gloves. For this reason, our doors are purposefully engineered for stabilization against any undue stress or pressure. If our customers are going to put their homes to the test, we have to do the same with each and every one of our low maintenance sliding glass door systems. 

Easy to Operate

When standing in front of a massive Panda sliding door system, you might think it would be difficult to operate. In reality, Panda doors are engineered to the highest standard, making operation a breeze. No matter the size, our sliding glass doors can be opened with the touch of a finger.


Dust-Free Track Options

Dust can be the bane of any homeowner’s weekend, but there are ways to keep time spent cleaning to a minimum. While there is some degree of cleaning when it comes to any sliding glass door systems, we offer the option of recessed tracks that ward off dust. When the many particles in and around your home don’t have the chance to collect, you can breathe a little easier every time you open or close the doors.

Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Door Systems

Our company got its start in Las Vegas, so one of the first challenges we faced was having to work around the arid climate of the desert. Why should any property owner install glass doors if they were just going to cover them all the time to save on utility bills? The scorching sun in the Mojave is legendary for its stunning skies, but not exactly known for making people comfortable.

We found though that the right construction made it possible to meet energy needs and satisfy people’s expectations for comfort. This is no easy feat, but one that we were committed to from the very beginning. At Panda, we want the outdoors to be accessible, even when the weather is not as welcoming as we’d like it to be. Our first customers found that they had more of a connection to everything that lay just outside their doorstep, even on the most unforgiving of days.


A Warranty You Can Trust

We trust our products so much that we made our warranty one of the best in the industry. As time goes by and life tests your home, we’re confident that our solid construction will be able to withstand it all. If you’re ready to learn more about how much time and effort you can save, contact us to see how our doors can live up to the everyday wear and tear of your home.

Panda’s Modern Pivot Entry Doors Offer Limitless Configurations

Panda’s Modern Pivot Entry Doors Offer Limitless Configurations

In this article, we’ll outline how the pivot door has been the perfect modern solution for many. Those who want a better profile for their property are choosing these doors for their flexibility and experimenting with them to create a unique entryway for their home or commercial building.




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