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NEWS: Panda Windows & Doors to Distribute Tuval Minimal Premium

Steel Windows and Doors in North America

Las Vegas, Nev. (June 1, 2022) — Panda Windows & Doors™, a leading US window and door manufacturer known for creating some of the largest aluminum systems in the industry, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Tuval Minimal to bring its custom steel windows and doors to the North American market.

“While Panda has been designing and fabricating aluminum windows and doors for over 30 years, when we opted to offer steel products to our discerning customers we turned to the experts,” stated Avi Shoshan, Panda Windows & Doors Founder and CEO.  “Tuval Minimal has been internationally known as the finest designer and supplier of premium steel-framed windows and doors for over 20 years, and we’re excited to introduce them in North America”.

Steel has re-emerged as a sign of sophistication as architects and designers seek stronger windows, open views, and natural light for both commercial buildings and residences. Tuval combines the timeless beauty and long-wearing durability of steel with cutting-edge finishes to create sustainable doors and windows that will not require replacement for generations to come.

Tuval offers thermally-broken, energy-efficient steel window and door profiles that today’s building owners and architects require, combining advanced technology, flawless hardware, and durable finishes to deliver timeless steel windows and doors that are simply unmatched.

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About Panda Windows & Doors™

Established in 1991, Panda’s mission is to deliver the most elegant, minimally obtrusive, and precision-engineered windows and doors. In addition to steel windows and steel folding and swing doors, Panda offers more than 50 high-quality aluminum systems including folding doors, lift & slide doors, horizontal sliding wall systems, pivot, french, multi-slide, TS.X0 ultra-slim profiles, and architectural windows.

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