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Patio Bifold Doors: A Breath of Fresh Air

A beautiful and high-functioning patio or outdoor space is like an oasis nestled in the back of your home. We all dream of the perfect patio to enjoy with guests and soak in the sunlight and fresh outside air. Cocktails or coffee in hand, bright sunlight, and easy conversation all centered around the design of your backyard and patio.

Having a nice lawn and garden is a great place to start, but as you may already know, the entryway to this space is just as important. Choosing the perfect patio doors is essential when crafting the perfect outdoor space and enjoying indoor outdoor living at home.

When it comes down to finding the right patio doors, there are many options, and at the top of the list are bifold patio doors. Patio bifold doors allow homeowners and business owners to stylishly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Their growing popularity in modern home design can be attributed to their flawless functionality and elegant beauty.

In this blog post, we’ll unfurl the world of patio bifold doors and explore everything you need to know about these exquisite entryways.

Folding Door BiFold Patio Door

What Are Patio Bifold Doors?

There are different types and names for patio bifold doors. Bifold doors, also called accordion doors, are bi folding doors that feature several panels that stack and fold on top of one another when they’re completely open. Exterior bifolding doors provide an entry point from the patio into the home.

Bifold patio doors have the same opening and closing function as most other folding doors, the only difference is that the panels are made from glass rather than another material like wood you might find in the interior of a home. Large glass panels allow ample sunlight into the home and the ability to soak in the beautiful outside views.

How Do They Work?

At Panda Windows & Doors, we use an innovative proprietary top-hung design for our folding doors which allows individual panels to stack on top of one another on either or both sides of the entryway providing expansive views.

Folding BiFold Door

Types of Patio Bifold Doors

Accordion Patio Doors

Accordion patio doors are the most popular type of bi fold patio doors. These doors are very similar to sliding glass doors that stack up on one another when they’re open, the main difference is that sliding doors stack parallel to the door frame, whereas accordion doors fold together perpendicular to the door frame.

This stacking function of accordion doors allows them to be tucked away on either or both sides of the entryway, maximizing space in the entryway.

Folding French Patio Doors

French doors feature framed glass panels and offer a classic, elegant style to any home, making them a popular choice for patios. A true French door consists of two panels hinged on the sides of the entryway that swing in and out from the center.

We offer limitless customization at Panda Windows & Doors, allowing us to combine the charming aesthetic of French doors with the high-performing functionality of folding patio doors attuned to your specific tastes.

Inswing vs. Outswing Folding Doors

Should bifold patio doors open in or out? It’s completely up to you. Below, we’ll explore some considerations to help you make a decision based on your individual preferences.

Folding Outswing Door

Folding outswing doors feature hinges on the outside of the door frame. When the door panels fold together to open, they do so on the exterior of the home rather than the inside. These doors are perfect for anyone who wants to maximize their indoor space and has extra room outside the entryway to store the stacked door panels.

Folding BiFold Door

Folding Inswing Doors

Folding inswing doors do the opposite. Hinges are located inside the house so that the folding doors can be stored indoors when they’re open. So if you have a cramped outdoor space or outdoor furniture you don’t want to move to accommodate your new folding doors, folding inswing doors are a great option to consider.

What Advantages Do Patio Bifold Doors Offer?

Like the unobstructed view from a home in the mountains or on the shore, the advantages of bi folding doors for your patio are seemingly endless. Below, we’ll dive into some of the greatest benefits you’ll receive when you choose bifold doors.

Here Comes the Sun

Patio bi fold doors are best known for their ability to let in plenty of sun. Often made with narrow frames that highlight the glass within each panel, glass bi fold doors maximize the amount of sunlight in the home, whether they’re open or closed.

Beautiful Views Forever

If you have a backyard view, then glass bi fold doors are the perfect option. When you choose bifold doors, you can gaze out at your beautiful gardens, field, lawn, and hardscape, whether they’re open or closed, allowing you to appreciate your outdoor design and the natural beauty from the comfort of your home.

Come Together

Bi fold doors are inviting and highly versatile when it comes to entertaining guests at your home. The useful functionality of folding doors allows you to easily open the entryway by bringing the door panels together or unfolding them to separate the space. The simple addition of these wonderful bi folding doors makes for the easy flow of guests and residents here, there, and everywhere.

On cool summer evenings, you can have the perfect party with plenty of indoor and outdoor space, and large, inviting patio doors stretched open rather than dividing the party in two. A bifold door is the perfect transitional piece for any patio space, boosting indoor outdoor living for guests and yourself!


Even the most prudent and critical house guests will have trouble finding fault in quality bi fold patio doors.

Whether or not the sun is up and the sky is blue, you’ll be shocked by just how beautiful the right folding doors can look. Large glass panels and elegant frames can seriously transform your indoor and outdoor areas.

Energy Efficient & Durable

The best bi fold patio doors – or any doors for that matter – are energy-efficient and durable.

Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient patio doors put less strain on your HVAC system during cold winters and hot summers and therefore deliver smaller utility bills and a more comfortable home.


Durability is also imperative when considering patio doors because they’re vulnerable to the elements and should be able to withstand some measure of extreme weather from intense heat and cold, high winds, and storms.

At Panda Windows & Doors, we deliver energy efficiency and durability by using the best materials and state-of-the-art technology. We offer all aluminum thermally broken folding doors and aluminum/wood clad thermally broken folding doors which provide:

  • Superior insulation and weather performance.
  • A weather-tight seal to keep out wind and water.
  • Reduced thermal conductivity to keep your home cool in extreme climates.
  • Polyamide iso-bars that provide maximum strength.

Increase Property Value

If you’re wondering, “Will bifold patio doors increase the property value of my home?” – you’re in for a treat, because quality glass-paneled bifolding doors do increase property value, especially if you buy Panda’s state-of-the-art Folding Doors.

Patio bi fold doors are exquisite to look at, elevating the design of the home, plus they’re highly functional and secure, something future appraisers and homebuyers can’t ignore.

Versatility of Design & Material

No door is one-size-fits or one design-fits-all. Thanks to the variety in design, style, construction, and size of bifold patio doors available, you can choose a bifold door that suits your specific needs and aesthetics.

Furthermore, we should mention that bifold patio doors are also very popular in commercial spaces. Wine bars, cafes, breweries, and restaurants – or any place where customers and employees move in and out – can all benefit from the versatility and beauty of folding doors.

The design options for your new patio doors are practically endless. Some popular options include:

Classic Designs

Classic designs combine traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. Classic designs include solid wood folding doors that highlight the timeless elegance of high-quality timber.

Modern Minimalism

Clean lines and contemporary charm is another popular design choice for folding doors. A slender all aluminum frame like the TS.60 is a perfect option for anyone looking for a modern touch.

Glass and Frame Options

At Panda Windows & Doors, we ensure you never have to sacrifice aesthetics for performance or vice versa. How do we do this? By choosing only the highest quality materials for our bifold doors.

We offer designs available for every size – like tall openings – and include top-of-the-line aluminum, wood, and aluminum/wood clad frames for all of our folding doors. So whether you want a solid wood folding door or an all aluminum thermally impact rated ultra, you can choose your desired aesthetic without worrying about performance or weather resistance.

Ensuring your doors are made from quality materials will keep your home safe and comfortable and eliminate the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Folding Door BiFold

Disadvantages of Folding Doors for Your Patio

It would be remiss to avoid the disadvantages of bi folding doors, luckily for us, there are very few.

Problem: Convenience of Daily Use

If you regularly use your bifold doors, opening up the whole system every time you come in and go out can be a bit of a pain.


At Panda, we’re one step ahead. We know that some homeowners and business owners want daily use of their bifold door with the simplicity of opening a swing door. That’s why we offer daily door integrations into all of our bi fold doors. This way, you can turn a single door panel into a swing, egress, or flag door for convenient daily operation.

Problem: Views

While folding glass doors like our bifold patio doors create wide-open views when open and closed, not all folding doors are made equally.


At Panda, our bifold doors offer a 90% unobstructed view when they’re open and stacked together.

Alternative: Sliding Glass Doors

It doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to folding glass doors, but if you want a 100% unobstructed view, you should consider our Multi-Slide Glass Door Systems with pocket door designs.

Can You Replace Your Patio Doors With Bifold Patio Doors?

Some people may miss out on installing folding patio doors because they think they’re not an option due to the dimensions of their large, small, or irregular entryway. Fortunately, exterior bifolding doors can replace practically any existing patio doors.

Customize Your Patio Bifold Doors at Panda Windows & Doors

Whether you’re looking for a folding patio door or a sliding glass door, at Panda Windows & Doors, we’re here to help.

All of our doors – including our folding doors – are fully customizable, allowing us to cater our high-quality products and installations to your needs and desires. Want a multidirectional folding door, or perhaps a curved folding door? No problem. From function to style, our limitless customization options make anything possible.

Furthermore, we offer door systems for every type of aesthetic and climate – we even offer coastal applications that are built to resist corrosion from salt and seawater. Our doors are highly weather-resistant, child-safe, secure, durable, and always beautiful because we value quality above all else.

Contact us today to begin the journey of outfitting your home or commercial space with bifold patio doors.

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