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Oversized, Curved Radius & 90 Degree Corner Sliding Glass Doors

Cookie-cutter properties may be easier to build, but they often do little for curb appeal and even less for the people that live in them.

For this reason, many people are opting to build homes from scratch or enhance their existing homes with custom patio door options. Having control over our environment enables us to create contemporary spaces that reflect us and function the way we need them to.

We’ll look at how oversized, curved radius and 90-degree open corner doors can help you stay connected to the outside world.

Why Property Owners Spring for Custom Designed Patio Doors

We may think of patio doors as relatively straightforward products for our homes. A straight, one-panel design may be able to fit into any number of residences. Yet choosing this option not only makes your home more predictable, but it can also affect how you use your doors and even live your life.

For instance, an open corner design provides not just a breathtaking view beyond the borders of your home, but an entirely new configuration of your home.

The Perks of Customizing Your Patio Doors

At Panda Windows & Doors, our customers don’t customize their patio doors just to set themselves apart. They do it to express their interior design style and make their lives a little easier.

Customization is the cornerstone of Panda Windows & Doors. We are completely open to your suggestions, dimensions, and preferences. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with any design possible regardless of the engineering hurdles faced.

Our custom windows and doors are designed to function to fit the way you live while seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. We create beautiful glass walls that bring that much more light to your life.

Whether a sliding patio door for a luxury home or an exterior sliding door for a modest beach cottage, practically any window or door can be made to your exact specifications.

oversized-sliding-glass-door Aluminum Wood – S.31 Panda Select Multi-Slide Door

Oversized Sliding Walls

Panda engineering enables our sliding glass doors to reach massive heights or widths – or both. For example, in a space with lofted style ceilings ultra-tall sliding glass doors could be installed to highlight the scale of the space. Tall patio doors serve to draw the eye upward to better explore and appreciate the full expanse of the room.

A Panda patio door can also extend to nearly any width or curvature, opening up what might have been a narrow space to the world outside. Pocketed door styles can even make the glass panels disappear entirely when opened. Oversized doors can truly blur barriers for true indoor/outdoor living, all while making a dramatic design statement.

Bring Out the Best of Your View

When you entertain friends, host parties, or relax on your own, the focal point (and conversation piece) quickly becomes the view from your glass walls. Whether you have a country-scape or cityscape, even a gentle rainstorm can be far more interesting than what’s on TV.


Enhance Your Home’s Architecture with Curved Radius Sliding Glass Doors

There’s nothing like curves to highlight your home’s best features. Fluid curves can add softness and elegance to architecture. With our in-house engineering team and wide range of curvature configurations, Panda can offer curved radius glass doors in either folding or a multi-slide door system.

Both of these options can integrate harmoniously into any architectural design. Curved radius sliding glass walls will provide unobstructed views and pay homage to the unique interior or exterior characteristics of your property.

The Ultra-Slim Profile TS.X0 Multi-Slide System

Panda Windows & Doors offers a line of residential telescoping style doors, the TS.XO Multi-Slide that can be customized to fit nearly any configuration, including a curved radius sliding door.

These doors feature strong, ultra-thin profiles (measuring less than 1″ across) and are exceptionally functional with the reliable and smooth operation even for the largest of glass panel systems. Sometimes weighing more than 800 pounds and soaring 16” high – yet operating as though weightless, this is a line that was made for luxury.

The Folding Door System

Panda Folding Doors can also be configured to fit a radius curve with segmented panels that can follow the curvature of a building. Folding door solutions offer the added benefit of 90% clear space when opened without the need for a pocketed area.

When it comes to improving the architecture of your home, it helps to examine the question from multiple angles. For instance, how will the patio walls affect the profile of the home when closed? What kind of view will you need them to frame when open? If you’re taking out the trash through the patio door, will it be easy to get in and out quickly?

These are the kinds of questions that Panda engineers think about daily. It may be why our products and door systems are featured in some of the more impressive interior spaces in the world.

90 Degree Corner Sliding Glass Doors

Consider a Showstopping 90-Degree Open Corner Sliding Glass Door

A zero-post open corner system can be made with folding doorssliding doors, or even windows. The entire configuration is set up to slide away from an open corner connection leaving no corner post or framing.

While 90-degree setups are the most common, this design can work at nearly any angle. Without a fixed pillar to block the view, a custom open corner patio door is an instant showstopper and provides full access to outdoor spaces.

An open corner door isn’t anything like a covered patio. Enclose your rooms during the worst of the weather and leave them open for all those beautiful breezes. These corner doors make an elegant impression without being overly ostentatious.

With this corner access to the outdoor world comes ultimate natural light entry into the space given from the exterior. It also provides a unique new feature of the home, bringing guests and residents alike a whole new way to enjoy the property.

The Interior Beauty of Outdoor Living

The romanticism of the outdoors can sometimes get lost in a world of screens. But despite the temptations inside, it’s undeniably healthier to spend more time in nature. A glass window or large patio doors can be the first step to making a more permanent transition. 

When you customize doors, regardless of which system you choose, you will start to reconsider what your space really means to you. Instead of favoring the same old places on the property, you might find your whole routine changes for the better.

Mixing It Up

At Panda, our priority is the people who use our door systems. While luxury and aesthetics are important to us, the real objective is to improve airflow and natural light in commonly used spaces. These are critical elements that everyone needs to maintain well-being. It’s why we don’t compromise on the quality of our products.

At the same time, the talented designers at Panda understand that clients don’t want to settle. Part of the thrill of owning a property is being able to customize it to your tastes and inspiration, so we don’t hold back when it comes to design style options.

Whether you choose a single window, an open corner design, or a full multi-panel sliding door system, there’s no need to impose restrictions when you choose us and explore the possibilities with our window and door styles.

Limitless Possibilities, Endless Design Choices

Architects and home builders return to explore Panda solutions again and again because we pride ourselves on our ability to make any design possible. We offer nearly limitless finish materials and hardware options, and unique one-off designs are our specialty. With our highly-trained team of in-house engineers and designers, we can face nearly any engineering hurdle to bring a project vision to reality.

If you’re curious about how a curved radius glass door, an oversized sliding glass door, or an open corner sliding glass door will look on your property, we’re here to walk you through the process, so you can decide if it’s right for you and your style.

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