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Why Accordion Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Patio

Accordion glass doors provide a seamless transition from one space to the next, making them perfect for your patio. Pools, lawns, oceans, mountains: the beauty lying beyond your home deserves its due.

Nailing the right design starts with understanding how different kinds of doors work. We’re spotlighting folding doors in this article and how they can naturally improve a patio by drawing your attention to the property’s best features.

How Much Do Bi-Fold Glass Doors Cost?

If you’re curious about the cost of a folding glass door, a free, no-commitment request for a quote is your best option. As a luxury, custom product, Panda patio doors offer a myriad of systems, configurations, sizes, finishes, hardware, tracks, and limitless other options to ensure they perfectly complete your needs and décor. For this reason, submitting a quote request and working directly with your own dedicated Panda Representative is the best way to obtain an estimate or detailed quote.

How Top-Hung Patio Doors Work in Your Home

You’re likely familiar with the stacking style of folding doors, even if you don’t know all the mechanisms that make it possible. When you open these doors, the panels collapse into one another, making people think of an accordion as they fold and unfold.

It’s the top-hung design that makes these doors possible. As they move, they stack together.

Folding Patio Doors: Start from Either Side or in the Middle

You can customize your folding door so it opens in the middle, meaning it will stack on both sides. Or you might choose to have it open from either side, so the doors create just one stack.

How you design your patio will depend on the span as well as the view you want to highlight. Those that want to create full walls of glass may want to opt for the middle. This way, it’s less of a production to move from one end of the room to the other.

Why Accordion Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Patio

High-Performance Doors Provide a 90% Clear Opening to Your Outdoor Space

There’s no reason to hide the best parts of your locale, which is why bifold doors provide a more complete picture of your space. A 90% clear opening makes it that much easier to host a garden party or just let in more natural light and fresh air.

When you think about the indoor-outdoor nature of glass doors and windows, the priority has to go to the unlimited wonders of our world.

You can effectively double (or even triple) the size of your property when you install the right products. It’s why these doors are featured in some of the most high-profile homes in the world. The versatility of this product, particularly when you consider the breadth it can cover, is impressive.

The Many Amazing Features of Folding Patio Glass Doors

The effortless movement of a quality folding door makes it easy for people of all ages to operate. To achieve this though, it takes a remarkable degree of precision, planning, and skill.

At Panda, we use aluminum extrusions, European hardware, and high-quality polymer rollers to ensure that our folding doors are lightweight, weather-resistant, and a joy to have in your home.

Do Your Worst: Why Bi-Fold Doors Are Remarkably Durable

You don’t need to know every technical specification of your exterior doors. Though you’re certainly welcome to check them out if you’d like.  It’s likely far more important to you that you’re making a worthwhile investment, both in terms of practical use and resale value.

When we construct our doors, we take into account that not everyone uses them the same way. If you’re hosting multiple events throughout the year or you have kids who aren’t going to treat the doors with kid gloves, quality folding doors can handle the repetition and the wear and tear.

Why Accordion Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Patio

The Perks of Integrating Daily Doors with your Bi-Fold System

Opening your doors all the way can be a dramatic statement for your home. However, depending on the span of the home, it may not always be convenient for constant use. That’s why many homeowners prefer alternative entryways for the patio.

Our folding patio doors can be integrated with daily doors for easier exits and entrances. Flag, egress, or swing doors can augment the system, making it a breeze to finish everything on your to-do list. Whether you’re taking out the trash or letting the dog out, your patio doors and windows can be optimized for year-round use.

Configurations and Customizations: Blending Folding Doors Into Your Home Design

There are limitless ways to configure glass doors, making it possible to match nearly any home design. Options include radius (AKA curved), zero-post corner, and multi/unidirectional. You can also opt for either inswing or outswing movement.

These options are excellent for highlighting the most unique parts of your home. For instance, a curved patio adds dimension to the home, making the silhouette that much more memorable.

An Array of Finishes to Complement Any Decor

Whether you love big bold colors or prefer a more muted palette, you need exceptional doors folding and windows that will also match the rest of your decor. At Panda, our folding door systems are available in nearly any kind of finish you can imagine.

Protect Your Patio Doors from Corrosion with Coastal Applications

The ocean is undoubtedly beautiful, but it can also present several challenges for homeowners. A well-maintained home starts with understanding the very climate that surrounds it.

If you’re looking for a high-performance folding door that won’t corrode after constant exposure to the salty elements, Panda Windows & Doors offers coastal applications that protect your windows and doors year after year.

Why Accordion Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Patio

Protect Your Children from Your Patio Doors with Bubble Gaskets

Folding glass doors are convenient and beautiful, but they may present some challenges to the younger demographic.

To prevent pinched fingers when using accordion doors, bubble gaskets made with high-quality synthetic rubber can be included in each panel. Whether you have small children or tend to entertain those who do, this precaution can go a long way to keep accidents at bay.

Multi-Slide Patio Doors Vs. Accordion-Style Patio Glass Doors

Sliding patio doors are a popular choice for many people, but it’s not always possible to pocket the panels, leaving less clear space when opened. When it comes to the threshold between the indoors and the outdoors, the goal is to make it as seamless as possible. Where a sliding door pocket isn’t possible, folding doors can fit the bill nicely.

These doors can truly transform a space, opening it up and allowing you to view the patio in a whole new light. The accordion doors from Panda Windows & Doors take up just 10% of the span, framing the space and highlighting the ever-changing masterpiece right outside your home.

Why Accordion Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Patio

Connect Your Interior with Your Exterior with Glass Doors

Sunlight and clean air are more than just a suggestion. These elements are central to our well-being and a great way to remind ourselves of the beauty in the world. Studies have shown that there’s a tangible effect on our mental health when we celebrate the outside too.

Windows and doors folding are often thought of as dividers, but they’re really the connectors in the home. Panda glass doors are engineered with clean lines, pulling the eye toward what really matters.

Plus, they’re at home anywhere — you don’t have to have an ocean view to enjoy indoor-outdoor life! A view of a deck, grill, and patio table can easily serve as a gentle reminder that there’s no better time to switch up your routine and spend some time outdoors.

Why Accordion Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Patio Glass-Doors

Why Choose Panda Windows & Doors for Your Patio

At Panda Windows & Doors, we’ve perfected the process of creating products that work. When you order from us, no detail is overlooked during the customization process. No matter how high your ceilings are or what kind of decor you have, we have multiple options for you.

Incredible Performance

Hot sun, fierce winds, rising waters: there’s really no weather event too severe for Panda systems. It’s easy for bi-fold doors to endure when they’re untested. We ensure every product we make is designed for all those unexpected forecasts.

Energy Efficient

As nice as it would be to have the doors open all the time, sometimes it’s just not possible. To keep utility costs down, energy-efficient glass doors are a must.

Panda Windows & Doors has accordion door options that can help block out extreme temperatures. Reduce the transfer by choosing a thermally-broken aluminum frame for your air-conditioned or heated interior.

An Elegant Solution

Since 1991, our products have been featured in some of the largest properties in the country. Known for their performance and durability, the folding doors of Panda Windows & Doors are designed to create elegant spaces that bring the outdoors to you. If you’re interested in taking a space to the next level with new folding patio doors, we encourage you to contact us today with the details.


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