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Aluminum Cladding Installation Systems, Profiles, and Technology for both Interior & Exterior Design.

Adding to your design process with

aluminum cladding installation systems.

PandaTEK Aluminum Cladding Systems are a near-effortless option for all your design needs from interior walls and ceilings, to exterior doors and fencing. Panda continues to be a pioneer for both residential and commercial structures that is unlike anything else in the construction and design markets today.

Backed by a limited 20 year warranty, these profiles are extremely durable and immovable even in the harshest of any given weather episode. These snap and slide systems provide ease of install and a look that must be seen to believe.

Systems and Accessories

Click Systems

Click 20 - Espresso 14

Click 20

Click 20 - Espresso 14

Click 40

Click 20 - Espresso 14

Click 60

Click 40 - Espresso 8

Click 120

Click 60 - Espresso 12

Click 180

Universal Systems

Universal 140 - Espresso 15

Universal 140

Universal 2+2 - Espresso 12

Universal 4+4

Universal 4+4 - Espresso 3

Universal 2+2


Angle Oak 2

Aluminum Furring Strip

Angle Oak 2

Angle 30/30, 40/40, 60/18, and L Shape

rail 17


U10 - 11

U10 Profile

U10 - 11


In-Stock Color Options

Gloss Black

Matte Black





Choose in-stock color options from PandaTEK or customize even further with Panda by powder coating your system to a color choice of your liking.

Spotlight your entertainment room.

An eye-catching new approach to privacy.

Why Choose PandaTEK?

Ease of Use

A quick and easy way to design your space inside & out. Handy homeowners and business owners can easily install it themselves.


Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and recyclable. It is one of the most sustainable materials in the world.


No maintenance required. Resists against fire, rust, corrosion, stains, scratches, water, climate, and pests.

Endless Customization

PandaTEK offers varying sizes and in-stock color options, as well as any of Panda’s powder coats.