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Do Luxury Sliding Doors Increase Property Value?

When you want to showcase a great outdoor space, the solution might be simple: a luxury sliding door. These standout features make a real difference in the aesthetic and feel of a home, but they go beyond mere appearances. An investment in one of these doors is also an investment in your home that may come with an increase in property value. 

Here are five reasons that sliding doors contribute to an increase in your property value – if you know how to position them in the market. 

Increased Natural Light and Views 

The first reason that luxury sliding doors increase your property values is likely obvious: natural light!

Home stagers understand how essential light is in making a home welcoming and appealing. Lots of bright, natural light – especially coming from the luxury sliding doors – can make your home feel more spacious, clean, and fresh.

Natural light also affects our moods. According to the fundamentals of biophilic design, light and connection with nature can help boost your mood and relieve stress. In other words, luxury sliding glass doors can put potential buyers in a better mood, which might just help them make a decision!

A large expanse of glass also creates a spectacular view, drawing in prospective buyers who might otherwise be on the fence about your property. If you have an outdoor entertainment space, homeowners can easily shift from indoors to outdoors, enjoying the atmosphere and view all at the same time. 

Energy Efficiency

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of sliding doors, you should also consider the cost savings of a luxury option, especially when it comes to utility bills. A thermally broken door can be a real value add for potential buyers looking for energy efficiency.

Whereas normal sliding glass doors may contribute to the heat of the home (with the result of higher utility bills), a thermally broken door minimizes heat transfer. The HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to catch up, which subsequently minimizes wear and tear on home systems.  

Not to mention, the extra insulation of thermally broken doors also cut back on noise pollution and condensation for a quieter and more functional home. 

Quality and Style

Not all sliding doors are created equal – which is why you should talk with Panda about our luxury sliding doors. Attractive woods and low-profile frames have a significant impact on aesthetics in your home. Nobody wants an old, bulky door that obstructs the view or makes the transition from indoors to outdoors harder than necessary. 

Damaged frames with heavy or stuck doors can also impact home value – and not in the direction you want! When prospective buyers are worried that the doors will break if they try to open them, it will hurt the property value instead of help. 

On the other hand, a high-quality door slides smoothly and will be tactilely satisfying for a new homeowner. The unique, proprietary design of our Lift & Slide doors creates a smooth, almost “weightless” sensation when opening and closing – even when individual panels weigh more than 600 pounds each!

Extra Features

Depending on your area, you might also consider upgrading your luxury sliding door with additional features that appeal to buyers. 

One of the most pressing concerns with a large glass expanse is sliding door security. To this end, you should invest in a quality door with laminated glass that is harder to break. 

Laminated glass doors are still crystal clear so that they don’t obstruct your view. However, they are stronger and more resistant to breakage compared to tempered glass which is more prone to breaking in small pieces with help from burglars.  

Other security features you may consider include multi-point locking mechanisms that are harder for thieves to pry or jimmy, sliding door sensors that tell you when a door is open, and a broken glass detector. Talk to Panda about your safety concerns and put your mind at ease while giving your home a unique way to market your luxury sliding doors. 

Another important selling feature depending on your location is hurricane-rated doors. Our Lift & Slide doors can be made with impact-resistant laminated glass, which helps it withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Hurricane sliding glass doors also have wind locks, weather seals, and heavy-duty guide assemblies, all of which enable it to stand up to extreme winds and weather conditions. 

Market Trends 

While there are some serious benefits to investing in luxury sliding doors for your home, you may want to consider what the current market trends are. Certain designs and trends will likely impact the appeal of your home.

That said, the good news is that expansive views and well-designed glass entry points are often universal trends. 

The goal should be to select a design that is timeless with an emphasis on making your property feel more welcoming. Look for colors that are relatively neutral and can match any décor or style, enabling new buyers to make the home truly their own. This enhances curb appeal and could see a higher return on investment. 

A high-quality door with an inviting design focused on modernity and ease of use is likely to make buyers feel more at peace with your home. It’s a smart investment if you can play your cards right on market trends.  

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