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Lighten the Mood: The Effect of Interior Design on Emotion

When we spend so much time in our homes (especially lately), it’s become impossible to understate the effects of our environment. Clean, bright spaces can make us feel like we have more control over our surroundings. This can empower us to take on whatever the day has to bring.

Sometimes we notice this more when we do new things or make certain changes to the home. For instance, you might only notice that your rooms are dark and dusty if you visit another home that’s light and bright. It can be as simple as opening a window in your least-used room. We’ll look at how interior design and emotions go hand-in-hand, and why folding exterior doors can help lighten your mood.

Lighten the Mood with Folding Exterior Doors: The Effect of Interior Design on Emotion

The Effects of Sunshine on Your Mood: Why Vitamin D Matters

If you want to learn more about the effects of interior design on emotion, look no further than vitamin D. When your skin is exposed to sunshine, it produces this critical vitamin. In turn, the production will boost how much serotonin your brain makes. Sometimes known as the sunshine vitamin, numerous studies have shown a connection between depression and anxiety and how much vitamin D a person takes in.

While you can certainly take supplements, making a concentrated effort to get natural vitamin D can reduce symptoms of mood disorders or ward them off entirely. It can also add to your state of general well-being, giving you a relaxing place to take a break from work, cooking, or cleaning.

As an aside, vitamin D is also linked to everything from bone health to your immune system. In addition to affecting how much serotonin your body makes, it regulates your calcium and phosphorous. This can have a lot to do with the aging process.

Open the Space and Brighten Your Life

When people think of sliding and folding exterior doors, they might think that their home needs to be on the ocean sand or in the middle of a woodland paradise. Yet these doors can open any space, making it look and feel bigger than it really is.

From home offices to bedrooms to conference rooms, the transparency instantly reduces constriction. This alone can make it more enjoyable to spend time in. Any natural light from the outside will also give the place a different color tone. This can further awaken the senses and inspire you to all the possibilities.

How we feel affects what we do and how we treat people, so it’s important to treat our emotions with respect. The better we feel, the more productive we are. This can give us courage to do the right thing as opposed to the easy thing.

Doors As More Than Decor: How to Connect Your Home with Nature

Folding exterior doors invite natural elements into the home. They’re your connection to the full moon, budding flowers, and joyful songbirds. Collectively, these elements have a lot to do with how you feel. When you’re in tune with something bigger than yourself, the understanding can take you to a higher plane. It helps you focus on something other than the minutiae of your surroundings.

The more light and air you invite into a room, the lighter and airier you’ll feel. It can make it easier to keep the room clean, reduce clutter, and keep dust at bay. Folding doors from Panda are designed to stack against one another. This allows for a 90% unobstructed view into an outdoor space when fully open.

In short, you can breathe sweet, fresh air on beautiful days and enjoy a front-row seat to all of Mother Nature’s best shows. Storm clouds just aren’t as oppressive when you can cozy up on a couch. Watch the lightning, preferably with a cup of tea in hand, and just relax.

Lighten the Mood with Folding Exterior Doors: The Effect of Interior Design on Emotion

The Mood Lighting for Your Events: Making the Most of Every Room

From movie nights to date nights to Christmas parties, glass doors can be opened, closed, and covered. All you have to do is fit the theme to your events. Allow the sun to stream through slats on a lazy Saturday when you might want to take a nap or two. Have the full moon front and center the night you watch a scary flick near Halloween. Let your party guests watch the sunset during a dinner party when you open the glass doors to the great beyond.

There are so many ways to manipulate folding exterior doors, whether you want them fully closed, covered, partially open, or fully open. Every time you experiment, you get that many more ideas of how you want to use your doors in the future.

Lighten the Mood with Folding Exterior Doors: The Effect of Interior Design on Emotion

Folding Exterior Doors to Fit Every Mood from Panda Windows & Doors

The best designs are ones where form meets function. Panda Windows & Doors uses our proprietary designs as a foundation before customizing each door for your property. Whether you want to create a floor-to-ceiling glass illusion or just let sunshine into your home, we can show you how to incorporate doors that will lighten your mood and brighten your home. If you’re ready to feel better, contact us for a quote today.

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