Get Your Pool House or Cabana Summer-Ready with Operable Glass Walls

Excitement for a new season starts by getting your home and grounds ready. This is a chance to savor the warmer breezes and get lost in a fantasy of a dip in the pool followed by a chocolate-dipped strawberry. One thing to consider this year is taking your amenities to a new height. 

If you have a pool house, cabana, or pool enclosure on your property, operable glass walls can make a big difference in terms of functionality — and not just during the summer. Panda Windows & Doors can customize any glass walls for your outdoor structures, transforming them into your new favorite place on the property. 

Get Your Pool House or Cabana Summer-Ready with Operable Glass Walls Pool House-Folding Doors

The Pool House 

A pool house is similar to a guest house. The only different is that it’s conveniently built near your water feature. People have access to a kitchen for snacks between swims, a bathroom for changing clothes, and a living room for lounging when the sunsets. When you install sliding glass doors, it makes it that much easier to slip from the structure into the water and then back again.

More than convenience though, sliding glass doors offer a safety angle too. Parents who don’t want to dangle their feet in can still watch their children from the comfort of an air-conditioned pool house. A pool house with operable glass walls gives people a sense of space without hemming them in. It can make everyone more comfortable, so they can actually enjoy their (often limited) leisure time.

Consider accordion doors that fold with the help of a top-hung design. These doors stack against one another on one or both sides of your door frame and, when fully open, can give your pool house up to a 90% view of your outdoor space.

Get Your Pool House or Cabana Summer-Ready with Operable Glass Walls Pool House - White TSX0-LOGO

The Cabana

A cabana is usually a three-sided structure outdoors. Cabanas are most often associated with pools, but it’s not unusual to see them on lake- or ocean-front properties. It may not have the same amenities as a pool house, but it can be frequently used for relaxing, eating, or just taking a break from the summer sun.

This space was always made to be more of an outdoor amenity of the property than an indoor one. Yet many homeowners enclose their cabana to get more use from it year-round. So while you might not be ready for a lap in the outdoor pool in December, you might grab a glass of wine and take a break from the more familiar walls of your home.

Cabanas are a huge draw for homeowners because they’re so versatile. From the simple to the ornate, you can go in so many directions. Lift-and-slide glass doors from Panda Window & Doors can be installed as the fourth ‘wall’ of the cabana. Operated with nothing more than a button, the levers and wheels make it possible to drop the panels of the door to the floor sill. Double V-gaskets create watertight and airtight seals around the panels for all-over protection.

The Pool Enclosure

An enclosed pool can be a home away from home for many property owners, especially if there’s some distance between it and the main house. Whether you’re renovating the existing structure or building four walls and a ceiling from scratch, glass walls can add a little character to the enclosure and highlight your best landscaping features.

Like a cabana or pool house, this design choice can also a building more all-season friendly. Insulate yourself from the chill as you get your laps. Plant a few flower beds alongside the enclosure to provide bursts of color at every glance.

Glass walls can be customized for any size space and include a number of design options. For instance, a zero-post corner door eliminates the supporting post, giving you unadulterated surrounding views from the water.

Get Your Pool House or Cabana Summer-Ready with Operable Glass Walls Indoor-pool

Weather Woes

Weather is usually the first objection for homeowners who are hesitant to make the investment in these doors. Glass on a gentle summer day can behave very differently from glass during a hurricane. The good news is that modern glass doors were created with the worst storms in mind.

There’s no reason for a pool house, enclosure, or cabana to sit unused for several months of the year. Nasty clouds and whipping winds too often keep us holed in when they don’t have to. Glass walls can improve the entire space without compromising the stability of the structure, making it visually interesting and a welcome breath of fresh air.

Panda Windows & Doors

Indoor/outdoor spaces aren’t just popular because they’re trendy or a status symbol. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Having a way to connect with nature is vital for our health and well-being. A pool house with operable glass walls will provide ventilation when the doors are open and sheer comfort when they’re closed. At all times, they provide a visual reminder that there’s a big world out there just waiting to be explored.

Panda Windows & Doors has embraced design elements that lift people’s spirits. It’s why we offer a number of customized options for homeowners who want to make their pool house or cabana more than it is. If you’re curious about the right kinds of walls or doors for your property, schedule a virtual appointment to talk through the parameters and vision for the property. When you want to maximize your enjoyment of every season, we can help you make it a reality.



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