Enjoy a Comfortable Home this Winter While Saving Energy with Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors

Enjoying winter from the comfort of a weather-tight home is a vastly different experience than being in a home with drafty windows and doors – both in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. If you find yourself dreading the onset of winter, you might consider installing thermally broken windows and doors.

Today’s state-of-the-art, thermally broken aluminum windows and doors can help reduce heat loss and keep your home’s interior more comfortable and electric bills to a minimum, especially in extreme climates.

Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors

Breaking it Down: What is a Thermally Broken Aluminum Window?

The old rule of thumb was that aluminum windows were to be avoided in extreme climates as the metal conducted heat loss. However, with newer technologies this no longer holds true and homeowners are now able to reap the benefits of aluminum doors and windows – durability, design, and sustainability just to name a few.

When winter approaches, temperatures outside begin to drop, leading to a much more significant thermal gradient between indoors and outdoors. Warm indoor air naturally seeks to escape to join the cooler air outside, in the past using aluminum frames as a conductor. Today’s thermally broken technology, however stops heat loss in its tracks.

Panda-Lift-and-Slide-Thermally-Broken-ProfilesAs aluminum door and window manufacturers sought to achieve higher levels of efficiency, engineers began to approach the problem from multiple angles to develop the thermally broken aluminum window frame. Though different manufacturers use different approaches, Panda uses the superior polyamide iso-bar, which has low thermal conductivity, between the exterior and interior aluminum window frames. This allows the appearance of modern, minimalist aluminum windows with large expanses of glass that deliver amazing views while enjoying superior thermal protection and improved comfort.

Because the aluminum frame is no longer a conductor, thermally broken windows and doors can even help reduce noise pollution, condensation, and frost as well.

What’s more, Panda engineers took things a step further and added a thermally-broken stile to the bottom of our sliding or folding exterior doors for an additional layer of energy efficiency. This ensures your home will be much more comfortable when extreme weather changes strike and temperatures shift outside.

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs with Energy Efficient Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows

In many residential and commercial properties, it isn’t unusual to find faulty or aging doors and windows which allow heat to escape the structure. As these drafty spots continue to leak heat, the furnace must run more often to compensate – increasing utility bills.

Saving Energy with Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors

In the summertime the opposite happens, with the extreme heat outside of your home trying to invade your cool interior. Once again here drafty windows would cause the cooling systems to run more often and for longer periods of time than it would if your home was thermally isolated or broken from the exterior temperatures.

Whether for extreme high or low temperatures, thermally broken aluminum windows and doors are one of the superior solutions available today. In regions that see extreme weather changes through the year, thermally broken windows and doors automatically support and adapt to changing temperatures.

At Panda, we’re dedicated to developing new window, door, and glass technology to help our customers enjoy their homes to the fullest. Rather than having to suffer through another hot or cold season with windows that have underperforming frames, we’ve developed quality solutions for home and business owners, allowing you to improve your structure’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors

Choosing the Right Window or Door System for Your Climate

Lift & Slide Doors

The heavy-duty Panda Lift & Slide glass door system is more than capable of withstanding heavy winds and rain, and offers extra-low U-value thermally-broken options for greater performance and weather protection. The Lift & Slide comes in three thermally broken options: the All Aluminum Thermally Broken TS.19, Aluminum/Wood Clad Thermally Broken TS.13 with added wood insulation, and the Aluminum/Wood Clad Thermally Broken Slim Profile TS.87 offers our sleekest Lift & Slide profiles for enhanced views.

Multi-Slide Glass Doors

Also known as sliding doors or telescoping doors, Multi- Slide Door Systems are ideal for opening up large expanses. The system is composed of a virtually unlimited number of panels that slide and stack to one or both sides of an opening or are concealed entirely within a pocket. For a thermally broken option, consider the All Aluminum Thermally Broken Slim Profile TS.83.

Folding Doors

Also known as bi-fold doors and similar in design to accordion doors, Panda folding doors feature a top-hung design and allow owners to maximize their homes’ openings without the need for an extra pocket for the panels to slide into. Panda Folding Doors come in four thermally broken options: All Aluminum Thermally Broken Impact ITS.61 and All Aluminum Thermally Broken UITS.61 with tempered, reinforced aluminum for larger panels under heavier wind loads, All Aluminum Thermally Broken TS.60, and Aluminum / Wood Clad Thermally Broken TS.75 with wood cladding for superior insulation and weather performance.

French Doors

French doors, also known as swing doors, are a popular choice for entryways and patio applications. High-capacity in terms of weight and endurance, Panda French Doors come in three thermally broken options: All Aluminum Thermally Broken (40 mm) TS.64, All Aluminum Thermally Broken (66 mm) TS.68, Aluminum / Wood Clad Thermally Broken TS.69

Operable Windows

Panda windows have similar profiles to our doors, to allow for a consistent look throughout your home. Our operable windows frames are so flexible that they can be customized and adapted in countless different configurations to open up your space. For a thermally broken option, consider the All Aluminum Thermally Broken TS.67.

thermally broken windows and doors

Panda window and door systems are created using high-quality materials that adapt to rapid and extreme changes in weather patterns while still delivering superior performance and enjoyment. Our goal is for our clients to feel no change in temperature in any room in which our windows or doors are installed. By having a thermally broken aluminum window and door system, you’ll be able to enjoy your home as outside weather changes go unnoticed.

At Panda, we understand the importance of having the right features in windows and doors that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations at every turn, which is why we offer thermally broken windows and doors for our customers. If you’re ready to discuss your project, please reach out to find your Regional Account Manager or Live Chat with a Panda Professional today.

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