Aluminum/Wood Clad IMPACT IS.14

Key Benefits

  • Designed to comply with stringent Florida Building Codes TAS 201; TAS 202; and TAS 203; and U.S. building regulations from wind-borne debris areas outside the high- velocity hurricane zone.
  • The oversized panels and the wood panels that lock onto the thicker aluminum have been engineered to endure large missiles, category 5 hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, and driving rain.
  • Testing simulations made on the (IS.14) IMPACT system by a third- party company resulted in outstanding results with structural loads at 100 psf, water infiltration at 20 psf, and air infiltration at 1.57 psf for a large 5' x 10' system and even larger 5' x 12' model.
  • The interior wood is uniquely cladded to the profiles by durable polyamide clips which create a thermal barrier for better UV and SFGC performance.
  • Panel thickness: 3 1/2"
  • Stile & rail profile: 4 7/16"