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Finish Carpenter

We are seeking a full-time finish carpenter to join our production department and aid with woodworking tasks to complete our custom products.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

* We are looking for an outgoing, energetic, get-the-job-done-right individual. If you are ambitious, willing to work hard and apply yourself, this is a wonderful opportunity. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not apply. *


  • Make and produce complete or partial mockups as well as any additional support pieces upon request.
  • Construct models and fabricate parts for prototypes and mockups (both full- scale and sub-scale).

**Drug test is required and MUST be passed in order to be considered for this position.**



Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience.


Must have experience operating a molder.


Ability to read blueprints/drawings plus documentation of construction methods and material usage.


Knowledge in hand-held power tools and standard wood-shop machines.