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6 Reasons to Consider the Timeless Elegance of Steel Windows and Doors

Whether designing a dream home, constructing a commercial enterprise, or refurbishing an older building, steel windows and doors offer durability and elegance that is simply unmatched. Unlike the more conventional wood, fiberglass, or vinyl alternatives, the sleek, crisp lines of steel make a bold statement that inspires warmth, creativity, and innovation. This mighty material can be easily sculpted, molded, and perforated into the most unusual shapes without sacrificing its strength or durability.

Many of the world’s most forward-thinking architects and interior designers incorporate steel windows and doors into their projects to create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. Today’s rising popularity of steel in design is only matched by the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco period where steel was widely used in throughout Florida, most notably in Miami, as well as other seaside locations. In those days, designing homes and commercial spaces augmented with majestically arched windows, doorways, bay windows, and entryways made of curved steel and glass was a sign of social opulence and sophistication.

One of the world’s most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, incorporated the beauty and magnificence of steel into his Fallingwater masterpiece in rural southwestern Pennsylvania. Constructed in 1935, this residential work-of-art consists of soaring panels of steel-framed glass adjacent to massive balconies overlooking a cascading waterfall directly underneath. Wright’s design perfectly exemplifies his philosophy of organic architecture – the harmonious union of art and nature.

Panda Windows & Doors is proud to partner with the technologically innovative team at Tuval Minimal to distribute its steel windows and doors and offer the opulence and rugged durability of steel.

Steel Windows: A Seamless Transition from Outside to Indoors

Today, many aspiring property owners instinctively associate steel windows and doors with minimalist and industrial design concepts. Custom steel doors and windows are at home in contemporary architecture, traditional, and everything in between. The clean, sharp lines of steel can complement or even highlight the natural imperfections of almost any natural material, including stone, brick, concrete, and wood. Even when creatively incorporated into a rustic farmhouse refurbishment, the result is reminiscent of Old Europe.

Because they are a natural material, steel radiates warmth and inclusion far better than any man-made material. By supplementing an indoor living space with a wall made of steel and glass, architects can create a seamless transition between the impressive outdoor living spaces and the structure’s interior aesthetic.

6 Reasons to Consider the Timeless Elegance of Steel Windows and Doors

Steel doors and windows are no longer just for industrial and minimalist interior design aesthetics. Architects and engineers are now including them in more traditional structures, historic renovations, and more. From churches to museums, municipal buildings, retail establishments, schools, universities, and of course, private residences, steel is trending for a variety of reasons.


# 1 Narrow Sightlines When the View Matters

The narrow sightlines of steel-framed glass are perhaps its most favored attribute among architects and interior designers. The structural integrity of steel allows for the thinnest profiles and maximized area of clear glass panes that opens inside spaces to the view beyond.

Meanwhile, doors constructed with even minimal steel components are exponentially stronger and more robust than their aluminum, wood, or vinyl counterparts – which are already severely limited in their capacities for larger glass openings. The extreme malleability of steel allows manufacturers to design and fabricate custom steel doors and windows that are both distinctive and substantial.

For properties located in exotic locations along soothing seashores, amidst majestic mountain ranges, or perhaps overlooking deep, green forests, the view is a substantial part of the structure’s appeal. Where space is limited or in urban environments, landscape architects can also expertly recreate a natural view using pools, sculpture, and greenery. While expandable floor-to-ceiling windows can instill a sense of peace and tranquility, architects and interior designers are also now incorporating massive panels of steel-framed glass to maximize property functionality and versatility.

#2 Durable Finishes in Limitless Colors

Humidity, heat (and often proximity to the ocean) can create tough climate conditions that can accelerate the rusting processes. Tuval steel windows and doors from Panda are fabricated with a technologically advanced process that includes a thermally-sprayed coating of Zinc Metallizing Spray over the entire frame surface including corners and welding points. This advanced process allows for treatment of any size door or window and instantly seals the steel in an environmentally safe, rust-protective barrier.

The treated steel profiles are then given an epoxy-based, color-protective primer as an added layer of protection, followed by RAL wet paint finish and texture layer for a flawless finish that will last for generations.


#3 Unlimited Hardware Options 

Unfortunately, locating replacement hardware for traditional doors and windows frames that are over fifty years old is often nearly impossible. Custom steel doors and windows can accept any style or brand of hardware imaginable.

Manufacturers can even construct customized doors and windows to conform to decades-old door handles, operating devices, and locking mechanisms with ease. Furthermore, the hardware that fastens directly to the frame itself does not loosen or damage the steel frame over time – compared to traditional wood alternatives.

#4 Optimized Strength and Durability

Steel windows and doors are stronger and more durable than any alternative material. They are three times stronger than aluminum and provide a substantially stronger barrier against thieves and other intruders. The strength of steel offers the opportunity to stretch panels to massive dimensions to cover large spans with steel and glass.

Steel-framed doors and windows are also extremely energy-efficient, saving property owners enormous future costs in maintenance and utility expenses.

#5 Ideal Thermal Performance

Due to the narrow sightlines and often larger windowpanes of steel-framed doors and windows, many prospective buyers are understandably concerned about potential heating and cooling costs. The innovative design aesthetics of thinner window mullions between wider panes of glass can sometimes give a negatively false impression of depreciated energy efficiency.

Fortunately, steel has a naturally low rate of thermal transmission. When combined with adequate weatherstripping and recent advancements in double-paned glass, steel glass windows and doors provide optimal U-value results for heating and superior solar heat gain coefficient values for cooling.

With state-of-the-art fabrication, durable finishes suitable for even coastal regions, and advanced thermally broken systems, Tuval offers weather protection for even the most extreme weather.


#6 Maximized Life Cycle

Because steel windows and doors are inherently stronger and more durable than almost any alternative material used in construction, their life cycle is unparalleled. In Europe, for example, there are thousands of centuries-old structures that still maintain their original steel-framed doors and windows to this very today.

Meanwhile, in the United States, there are multiple examples of buildings with steel doors and windows frames being passed down from generation to generation. In fact, deterioration is so infrequent that the only significant reason to replace them is the desire to take advantage of new finishing, glazing or ventilation technologies.

#7 Environmentally Friendly

The revolutionary advancements in steel-framed glass technologies make these doors and windows nearly impervious to water and air penetration while forcing the heating and air-conditioning to remain indoors where it belongs. Property owners significantly reduce their utility bills while reducing their carbon footprints at the same time. For an extra boost of eco-friendliness, it is not uncommon for leading retailers to use recyclable steel and biodegradable coatings during their fabrication processes.

Thanks to the many recent innovations in steel-framed glass manufacturing, these maximally durable doors and windows are now more affordable than ever. Because these weatherproof doors and windows are easily customizable to fit any opening no matter its shape or size, they are quickly becoming the top choice of architects and interior designers for luxury, high-end homes, commercial enterprises, and everything in between. Available in a variety of impressive colors and finishes, their unique design aesthetic, crisp lines, and maintenance-free durability are simply unsurpassed. For more information on steel windows and doors, we invite you to contact us today. 

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