What Does ‘Fenestration’ Mean?

Fenestration is derived from the Latin word fenestrae meaning window. Fenestration refers to the openings and/or entryways found within a given structure. Modern Architecture has taken fenestration to new levels, integrating art and technology to create near-infinite possibilities for building projects. Stronger support materials, such as steel beams, allow architects the flexibility to push the envelope during the design phase. Custom components, luxurious finishing touches, and exotic materials found in modern windows and doors are all made possible by the advancements in the fenestration industry.

Panda Windows and Doors offers an array of options to our esteemed clientele, including solid or faux wood frames, custom powder coating for precision color, and elegant handle and glass finishes. We are a state-of-the-art company, proud to design, engineer, and manufacture all of our products in America. We look forward to providing you support in all aspects of design and fabrication. Contact us today!

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Options To Fit Your Design

Color options can make or break the final decision when it comes to anything you create. When designing a commercial or residential project, you design around your preference and the personality that project should hold. A classic Black can blend seamlessly with the décor of your surroundings, while a stunning Metallic Full Moon Silver will open the space around you as it brightens the area. With over 25 standard powder coat options, Panda Windows & Doors understands the need for options.

At Panda, we pride ourselves in providing extensive choices in size, color, and type of door or window as we know the value of having the ability to design based around your ideas. Need a custom color? Panda Windows & Doors offers color matching to suit your system so your project remains fully customized. With inspiration at every corner, you have the power to make your system, your way.

folding door in office

Our Folding systems open in an accordion style allowing the closed space to open to a completely transformed area with no boundaries. Adding a Lift & Slide to a location with a view keeps the view intact while adding a level of luxury and convenience. With the turn of the handle, the Lift & Slide panels lift off of the track giving the mobility to slide the door open or closed. As the handle is turned again, the panels drop as the door remains in a parked position.

The team at Panda Windows & Doors looks forward to beginning your project and seeing it come to life from paper to test wall. Submit a quote request to speak with a manager in your region and begin your Panda experience today!

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Keyword: Architecture, Custom Windows, Custom Doors, Folding Doors, Bi-part Doors, Lift and Slide Doors, Glass Walls, Pivot Doors, French Doors, Hurricane Rated Doors, Re-model, Renovation, Commercial, Residential

Become Inspired!

Panda Windows & Doors invites you to become inspired by everything we have to offer in our wide variety of windows and doors. Visit our newly refurbished website to view many projects the Panda team has completed along with a breakdown of each system. Find tracks, corners, system function videos, and technical information so you can make an informed product decision. At Panda, our priority is to make sure every single person we help whether they are a customer or just browsing is given every tool at our disposal to make their dream project come true. Our new website allows you to easily navigate through sections to find the exact system to fit your build needs.

Stuck in a vision block? Every designer goes through it. Panda can help clear your mind and become inspired once again by giving you examples of work we finished and open your mind to new ideas for your project. From storefronts to home interior partitions, we can help give the motivation you need to make your ideas flourish.

We are here to help you create a new project! Our team of window and door professionals will stay with you every step of the way from paper to the final installation. At Panda Windows & Doors, we never leave your project unattended. If you have questions, we have the answers. Call us, submit a form online, or visit us in our live chat to begin discussing your project details today!

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Welcome To The New Panda Site!

Have you heard? Panda Windows & Doors has launched a brand-new website! Our improved website is visually stunning and user-friendly as we made our most requested content easy to find. Sleek in every way, the new Panda website is set to give inspiration and provide information on everything you will need to begin your next project!


With information at the touch of a button, the new Panda website allow users to choose between commercial and residential pages to get a better look into our numerous project and applications. Dig deeper into system details including tracks and corners to choose which will best suit your needs. Instantly download our brochures which give you portable details on our various system families. View our Portfolio to see many of our completed projects as you begin to gain inspiration for your next vision!


Interested in becoming a part of the Panda Windows & Doors team? Visit our Careers page to view open job positions and apply to begin assisting in the journey of hundreds of businesses and homeowners! View our Contact page to find a showroom near you or submit for a quote to start your project.


Enjoy your visit to the newly renovated Panda Windows & Doors website and take with you a little bit of motivation to begin your project now!