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What Does ‘Fenestration’ Mean?


Fenestration is derived from the Latin word fenestrae meaning window. The definition of fenestration refers to the openings and/or entryways found within a given structure

Today’s Modern Fenestration Solutions

Modern Architecture has taken fenestration to new levels, integrating art and technology to create near-infinite possibilities for building projects. Stronger support materials, such as steel beams, allow architects the flexibility to push the envelope during the design phase.


The Benefits of Panda Glass Wall Systems

  • Panda’s expansive glass door systems enhance interior areas with natural daylighting and fresh outdoor air.
  • Panda glass doors are also engineered with clean lines to enhance natural views with minimal obstruction.
  • Double your space by connecting outdoor areas. Create room dividers. The flexibility offered by Panda door systems is limitless.
  • Whether in extreme temps, high-force winds, or flooding… Panda systems perform their best when they are needed most.
  • Panda offers thermally-broken aluminum frame options to help reduce the transfer of heat or cold into air-conditioned spaces.
What Does ‘Fenestration’ Mean multi slide doors commercial

Flexible Fenestration Options

Custom components, luxurious finishing touches, and exotic materials found in modern glazing systems  are all made possible by the advancements in the fenestration industry. Panda offers an array of options, including solid or faux wood frames, custom powder coating for precision color, and elegant handle and glass finishes.

Some of our most popular fenestration options include:

Folding Doors Also referred to as a bi-fold doors or accordion doors, these innovative Folding Doors feature a proprietary top-hung design that allows individual panels to stack or “fold” against one another on either side or both sides of the door frame. When fully open, the stacked door panels provide a 90% unobstructed view of the outdoor space beyond.

Multi-Slide Doors Also known as sliding or telescoping doors, these glass door systems are ideal for opening up large expanses. Panels can slide to one or both sides of the opening, and our pocket door designs can hide the individual door panels entirely from view. The number of panels included in one system is virtually unlimited.

Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems The HSW Door System is the premier option for maximizing openings (up to 100%) by sliding and storing panels outside of the opening. The system is top-hung and comprised of multiple individual panels. Featuring completely customizable parking areas, the panels slide and stack anywhere – even in a closet around the corner.

Voyage Select Pivot Doors Inspired by exotic locations, our new line of custom contemporary pivot doors are the perfect mix of modern design and highly engineered durability. Soaring up to 18′ tall and 9′ wide, the Voyage Select Pivot Door comes in 13 unique designs, or the option to choose from a variety of tracks, panel profiles, glass options, and hardware to customize your own system.

Architectural Windows This product couldn’t fit the fenestration definition any better. Panda’s operable frames are so flexible that they can be customized and adapted in five different ways, essentially giving you 15 various options that are guaranteed to open up your space.

The Fenestration Experts Since 1991

Panda is a state-of-the-art company, proud to design, engineer, and manufacture all of our products in the United States. For over 30 years we’ve been an industry leader known for making some of the largest glass sliding and folding doors in the industry, supporting our customers in all aspects of design and fabrication.

When we see an opening in the surface of a building, we see an opportunity to create an exciting architectural element, while delivering an improved view, fresh air, and a connection to the outdoors.

Panda offers over 50 high-quality, energy efficient fenestration products ranging from Folding Doors, Lift & Slide Doors, Multi-Slide, Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems, Pivot Doors and more.

If you’d like to learn more about Panda’s fenestration solutions, we invite you to download our Residential Door Buying Guide or Request a Quote if you’re ready to discuss the specifics of your next big residential or commercial project.


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