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The Beauty of Wood Meets the Durability of Aluminum

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s hard to beat the beauty of wood. It’s a versatile material that is especially welcome in traditional and modern homes alike. This is why wood-clad aluminum doors are a viable solution if you’re struggling to choose between the two. We’ll look at how an aluminum core can be clad in wood to give you the best of both worlds.

Wood-Clad-Sliding-Glass-Doors -The-Beauty-of-Wood-Meets-the-Durability of Aluminum-Wood-Sliding-Door-Coastal-Application Dark Wood Clad Patio Doors

The Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum is everywhere. In fact, it’s the third most plentiful element in the world (behind oxygen and silicon). Weighing just 2.7 grams per cubed centimeter, aluminum is somehow light and strong, making it a popular option for homeowners looking for durable, low maintenance options.

And even without cloaking aluminum in another material, it’s also naturally resistant to corrosion. It features a natural protection layer made of oxide that will hold it’s own against the test of time. When aluminum is ready to put out to pasture, it can be melted down and reused. Its sustainability is just another perk for homeowners who want to do their part for the environment.

Wood-Clad-Sliding-Glass-Doors -The-Beauty-of-Wood-Meets-the-Durability of Aluminum-Wood-Sliding-Door-Coastal-Application HSW

The Benefits of Wood Clad Doors

Panda Windows & Doors offers sliding and folding glass doors that attach wood cladding to aluminum via a cam-lock system. It securely attaches to the exterior, while still leaving space between the two. The process ensures the two materials have enough ventilation to limit or even eliminate moisture damage. And if the wood cladding ever needs to be replaced, the cam-lock system makes for a simple swap.

With a wood clad door, you get the look of wood without the upkeep. This is not to say that a solid wood door is a poor choice, in fact Panda Solid Wood doors contain an engineered wood core that make them more durable than most – but in the end solid wood doors may require a bit more vigilance in certain climates and applications, particulary on the exterior side.

Wood cladding reinforces the strength of the aluminum, and even provides an additional layer of insulation for improved temperature and noise control. If you’re looking for something that will give your home a lot of character with minimal hassle – wood clad aluminum doors might be your best bet.

Wood-Clad-Sliding-Glass-Doors -The-Beauty-of-Wood-Meets-the-Durability of Aluminum-Wood-Sliding-Door-Coastal-Application

Timeless Appeal

There’s a reason why wood has held its own over many centuries. No matter what trends come and go, people love its storybook charm. This might be why the construction industry has seen an uptick in demand for the material. The downsides of wood have been balanced out by new technology, making it that much more resilient against the forces of nature.

It’s also a great choice if you’re concerned with resale value.  The wood is strong enough to support the structure, and the light-weight aluminum interior serves as the secret weapon. Whether you host an Open House in five years or 20, potential buyers will be undoubtedly impressed with the performance  and resilience of your sliding glass doors.

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Choosing the best wood clad aluminum door for your home

Wood clad aluminum doors can be adapted to nearly any building. At Panda, we fabricate each system according to your design needs. Our glass doors provide uninterrupted views of all the beauty that lies just beyond, and we spare no effort to give you a brighter perspective.

Lift & Slide Doors

The heavy-duty Panda Lift & Slide glass door system is more than capable of withstanding heavy winds and rain, and offers extra-low U-value thermally-broken options for greater performance and weather protection.

Folding Doors

Also known as bi-fold doors and similar in design to accordion doors, Panda folding doors feature a top-hung design and allow owners to maximize their homes’ openings without the need for an extra pocket for the panels to slide into.

Horizontal Sliding Walls (HSW)

The HSW Door System is the premier option for maximizing openings (up to 100%) by sliding and storing panels outside of the opening.

French Doors

French doors, also known as swing doors, are a popular choice for entryways and patio applications.

Panda offers wood cladding in a variety of species including Stain Grade Pine, Paint Grade Poplar, African Mahogany, Clear Pine, Douglas Fir, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Maple, Birch, Cherry, Oak, Alder, Knotty Alder, Teak, and Walnut. We can also work to secure custom and exotic wood species to meet any project design goals.

Our customers choose us for our reliability, expertise, and commitment to customer service. Regardless of which wood clad doors you choose, you  get a secure system that can hold off everything from intruders  to Mother Nature.

If you’d like to learn more about Panda’s glass door systems Download Panda’s Residential Door Buying Guide or Find a Dealer today.