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8 Reasons to Choose Modern Bifold Doors for Your Next Design Project

With a seemingly endless selection of door styles and features on the market, finding the perfect door for your next design project can feel like an overwhelming prospect. You want something gorgeous that makes a statement in your home, but you don’t want to compromise on functionality. 

Is it really possible to find a door that includes the best of all worlds?

Yes, it is! Modern bifold doors are a fantastic option both aesthetically and functionally. This unique, appealing door has a rich history that goes back to Ancient Egypt! If you want to maximize space in your home and let in more light without compromising security or energy efficiency, this might be the way to go. 

Here are our top eight reasons why you should consider bumping modern bifold doors to the top of your must-have list for your home.

1. Maximized Natural Light

An impressive view should be the focal point of your rooms, whether it looks out into a backyard oasis or a scenic vista. Modern bifold doors help you make the most of a beautiful view with their large glass panels. Get a clear and unobstructed view of the reason why you bought this house in the first place!

Not only can you see more of the view of the great outdoors, but they also let in an abundance of natural light. This is a trick every designer keeps up their sleeve! Natural light always makes rooms feel brighter, bigger, and more inviting. Impress your guests with not only a stunning view but also with the openness of your home. 

2. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow

A seamless environment between your indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces is also one of the greatest benefits of modern bifold doors. These doors create a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. When fully opened, it removes the barrier and creates one expansive space that you’re free to use as needed.

This is especially ideal if your bifold doors open up to a patio. When the weather is nice, open the doors wide and welcome nature in.

Ultimately, this transition makes any space ideal for entertaining, dining, or enjoying a more open living environment. Instead of splitting the space with windows and doors, guests can wander freely throughout the space as they snack, mingle, or enjoy the pool.

3. Space-Saving Design

Unlike traditional sliding or hinged doors, bifold doors fold back on themselves. In other words, they take up minimal space when open.

Smaller homes in particular may benefit from the space-saving nature of bifold doors. Instead, you can maximize the usability of your living areas without having to account for clunky entrance points into or out of your home.

4. Versatile Aesthetics

A door’s main purpose may be functional, but there’s no reason why it can’t be a statement interior design choice, too. Modern bifold doors open up an endless array of options that will complement any architectural or interior design style, wowing your guests. 

Limitless customization options include radius or “curved” options, multi-directional and unidirectional layouts, zeropost corner designs, and both inswing and outswing options. You can also choose from dozens of powder coats, solid wood, or faux wood finishes, large opening frames, and hardware options.

Panda Windows & Doors can help you or your designer pinpoint the materials, finish, and style that suit your unique home.  We pride ourselves on the ability to custom engineer and design the windows and doors of your dreams!

5. Increased Property Value

A standout feature like bifold doors can have a profound effect on more than the aesthetics of your home. If you aren’t sure whether you will remain in this house for the rest of your lifetime, you may want to invest in features that enhance your property value – and bifold doors can help. Gorgeous, high-quality bifold doors are an investment in the future sale of your property, though you can enjoy it as long as you live there. 

Why are bifold doors such an important element in property value? Well, for all the reasons in this blog! They have the practical benefits of increased natural light and seamless indoor-outdoor living, which makes a property more desirable to buyers looking for both form and function. This is especially true if your home boasts a gorgeous scenic view that your bifold doors help showcase. 

Keep in mind that this will highly depend on the quality of your doors. Damaged, low-quality, or wobbly doors may harm the property value more than help. Few things turn off a buyer more than trying to open an unstable door and feeling like it might suddenly fall off the track in the process.

6. Accessibility

If you’re thinking about loved ones who may have mobility issues, accessibility is key. This is also something to keep in mind if you will be living in this home into your golden years. 

When open, bifold doors create wide access points with no or very low thresholds. This element of their design makes them universally beneficial for every home. Don’t worry about tripping over a threshold or not being able to roll a walker over the transition from the indoor to the outdoor spaces of your home. 

That said, everyone can benefit from the accessibility capabilities of bi-fold doors, including those without mobility issues. Recessed tracks can be built directly into the floor so you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toe or struggling to wheel items across the threshold. 

7. Energy Efficiency

While this isn’t the case with all bifold doors, many are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They can help create a weather-tight home if you opt for thermally broken doors or those with a double or triple glaze. 

Along with solid, high-quality frames that are perfectly fitted, these doors can create a tight seal that insulates your home, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Not only does it make your home more comfortable, but it also reduces spending on utility costs. Lower energy bills can offset the initial investment in these bifold doors, allowing you to invest in more features. 

8. Improved Security

Security should be a point of concern for anyone. Protect your family and your home with the added security of doors available through Panda. Not all bifold doors are created equal, but our high-quality options come with upgraded security features and high-security locking mechanisms that will stump would-be burglars and give you more time to reach out for help. 

Many of our bifold doors come with high-security locking mechanisms like multi-point locks as well as laminated glass and sturdy frames. If someone tries to shatter your door to gain entry, it is less likely that they will succeed with these features. Some of our doors are even rated to hold up in extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. 

These features provide you with peace of mind without compromising on style and aesthetics in your home.

Upgrade Your Home with a Modern Bifold Door

Are you ready to elevate the design of your home with beautiful bifold doors? Panda Windows & Doors has the modern styles and qualities that savvy homeowners are searching for when laying out their indoor and outdoor spaces. We understand that you need features that can exceed expectations in your residence. 

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