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Go Big in Your Outdoor Space With Oversized Patio Doors

The outdoor patio door trends of 2022 are focusing on oversized sliding and folding patio doors.

What Are the Benefits of Oversized Patio Doors?

Oversized patio doors have myriad benefits. They allow in expansive amounts of daylight, fresh air, access to sweeping views, and flexibility for moving in and out with large pieces of furniture, crowds, or food.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design incorporates nature into the elements of your home so that you can live healthfully and beautifully at the same time. One of the best ways to use this design in your home environment is to maximize natural light.

This can be done by an open floor plan since too many walls block the passage of natural light through the home. Abundant windows allow that light in to begin with, as well as skylights and light wells.

Exposure to plenty of light has been found to naturally encourage productivity and energy. It also increases the levels of daily Vitamin D absorption, which prevents seasonal depression and encourages health on the broad spectrum.

Healthy Living

The more of your time that you can spend outside and in the fresh air and sunshine, the better. Having an oversized patio door encourages you to get out of doors and out of your “four walls.”

Enjoying the View

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the greenery, sunrises, and sunsets outside their home? When you add a glass oversized patio door to your home, you’ll be able to appreciate what is outside of it—whether you’re sitting inside or outside.

Oversized Sliding Doors Patio Operable-Glass-Walls-Pool-House-White-TSX0-LOGO

Design Flexibility

Adding an oversized patio door or sliding screen to your home essentially doubles your space—you can enjoy activities, eat, and relax on the patio easily. A large patio door seamlessly connects the inside home with the outside space.

These oversized doors feature state-of-the-art engineering with aluminum extrusions, Delrin polymer rollers, and European hardware. Even with these high-end and high-quality additions, Panda folding doors are incredibly lightweight. Their durability and weather resistance are unmatched.

Unmatched Performance

The line of oversized patio doors and sliding screens from Panda Windows & Doors performs incredibly well in a range of environments. Whether it’s high desert temperatures, cold winds, flooding, or snow, Panda doors will hold up to the elements.

There are times, however, when you just want the ease of a regular door that opens and closes with a touch. Good news: daily use doors, such as swing, egress, or flag doors, can be added to the folding patio door system so that you can go in and out without having to operate the entire system.


You would think that an all-glass oversized door would mean letting in a great deal of heat and cold, but this isn’t the case. The thermally broken aluminum frames offered in Panda’s line of oversized patio doors offer optimal thermal performance to help reduce the transfer of cold and hot air into your heated or air-conditioned rooms.

Systems with a stationary panel or with multi-slide doors can keep warm and cold air in or out of your home, whichever you prefer and whatever the season calls for.


How Are Oversized Patio Doors Constructed?

You can add as many panels into your folding door system as you’d like to open up the space for your indoor-outdoor seamless living since innumerable panel groups can slide along tracks that are connected with specialized seals and joints.

The structural integrity of these doors is unmatched. Panda’s doors and windows come with wall systems that have been tested and designed for safety, reliability, and efficiency. Your family can enjoy these for decades to come!


What Is the Largest Folding Door Size?

In an oversized folding door system, the individual panels are always equal in size. Panels that come up to 42” wide can be up to 120” tall. Panda Ultra Tall Folding Door panels can come even taller at up to 168” high, but then have a maximum width of 32”.

When you want the transition from indoors to outdoors to be as seamless as possible, you’ll want an ultra-folding door. These move back on themselves to create the illusion of nothing in between your living room or kitchen and your back patio.

These are also called bi-fold or accordion doors. With an innovative multi-slide design with proprietary features such as top-hanging hinges, these doors can provide an unobstructed view of up to 90% of the space that would normally be taken up by doors and walls.


What Are the Large Sliding Doors Called?

Depending on which oversized sliding door system you choose, the oversized sliding patio doors can go by multiple names.

The TS.XO Sliding Door System

When you choose an oversized patio door from Panda Windows & Door’s TS.X0 line, you’re choosing a door made with the highest quality materials available.

These doors are made from 6063-T5 extruded aluminum that is engineered specifically for oversized panels.

Multi-Slide (Multi-Panel) Sliding Door

Another of our most popular lines of extra-large patio doors is the Multi-Slide glass door system. These doors are ideal for opening up a large inside space and being able to look out at large expanses of outdoor living or natural views.

Panels in this large door system can slide to one or both sides of the walls. You also have the option to install pocket doors, which can eliminate the door panels from everyone’s view.


How Do I Care for My Oversized Patio Doors?

Even though it might seem like an oversized door would take a great deal of special care and cleaning, they actually only require small amounts of maintenance.

Make sure that your multi-slide door is installed by a professional. This will prevent many problems down the road. Even if your doors are brought over by a professional technician, make sure you inspect the packaging and products yourself so that you can be a second set of eyes on the materials. Ask any questions that you have to make sure you know exactly what is being installed in your home.

Keep your frames free from dirt, debris, or other pollutants during installation and construction. Don’t store other metal products up against or near the frames to prevent galvanization. Make sure your installers are careful to not damage your frames with jobsite tools, equipment, etc.

Take labels off with warm water and gentle soap. Don’t ever use abrasive cleaners or excessive pressure on your wall system, which could break or damage the materials.

Finally, ensure that your new doors are properly sealed, including at the corner jambs, to stay energy-efficient.


Safety Is Key

Panda’s line of oversized folding patio doors comes with child-safe features to keep your entire family secure. For example, pinch-proof EPDM bubble gaskets are layered between each panel to keep little hands free from harm.


Farmhouse Design Trends

Homeowners and homebuyers in 2022 want bigger and better folding doors for not only the exterior but the interior of their homes. The most common example of this is the growth of the “modern farmhouse” trend. The farmhouse style can take on an urban, modern, or rustic feel.

Your door system should be as unique as the rest of your home, and as unique as you. With Panda’s line, you can customize options with choices such as radial or curved lines, multi- and uni-directional layouts, and zero-post corner designs. You can even choose to have your doors swing inward, outward, or both.

Final Thoughts

You want to keep your home up with the trends of 2022. If you aren’t in the market to sell your home, then you want it to be something beautiful you come home to every day. If you’re getting ready to turn it over to someone else, you want to up the price range that someone else will pay for your beloved property. Adding an oversized sliding or folding door system from Panda Windows & Doors will help you with either of these situations.

Panda Windows & Doors has over three decades of experience designing, installing, and caring for doors and windows of all types. We will gladly offer you a free quote for your next dream project so that your home is exactly where you want to be.

Download one of Panda’s door buying guides to help determine the oversized patio door that’s right for you. Our selection is expansive, and you’re sure to find the perfect door for your style, space, and life.

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