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Blur the Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor Living

These days, people are spending more time inside their homes than ever and missing opportunities to connect with the outdoors. For this reason, indoor/outdoor living spaces such as backyard patios, outdoor kitchens, and cozy firepit seating areas have become increasingly essential – allowing cooped up homeowners to treat every day as a “staycation” rather than feeling “stuck at home”.

Adding indoor/outdoor living spaces offers tremendous benefits and can be accomplished easier than you might think.

Health Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Living

In addition to lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, spending time outdoors can improve your mood and boost energy levels while increasing focus.

In a recent article we also outlined how connecting to nature can even help boost immune systems and improve productivity.  


Create the Illusion of a Larger Home While Increasing Resale Value

Adding backyard amenities such as convenient outdoor kitchens and patios and can help make your home more functional and desirable to potential home buyers. In addition, creating a seamless, open glass transition can help improve both the view and access to outdoor spaces and make a home look and feel larger than it is – thus adding value.

Take Panda’s flagship, award-winning TS.X0 Multi-Slide Glass Door System, for just one example. Available as oversized glass panels that can be as large as 250 square feet, the TS.X0 enables spectacular views with minimal visual obstructions. This unique sliding door system offers the ability to significantly open up your space by way of floor-to-ceiling glass, as well as the ability to slide open the panels to expand the room and allow fresh air in.


Create the Ultimate Staycation with Movable Glass Walls

For many people, actual vacation travel is off the table for the foreseeable future, however making a quick getaway to their own outdoor space can help them feel refreshed.

That’s why so many homeowners are choosing options like Panda Windows & Doors’ Lift & Slide Door Systems to open up their spaces. Lift & Slides feature a system of levers, wheels, and gaskets to create a system that is weather-proof and secure when closed, and also a great way to reinvigorate a space when open.


Leverage Indoor/Outdoor Spaces to Throw the Parties Your Friends Will Love

Someday, we’ll get back to hosting large gatherings, and when that day comes, you’ll want to have your backyard ready for entertaining. Having the ability to open up and connect indoor/outdoor living spaces can also help to accommodate more guests. You can throw a gathering where people can easily mingle between the two spaces, all without being crammed into one particular area or without feeling segregated from the rest of the party.

For many homeowners, Folding Door Systems are an ideal way to accomplish exactly that thanks to the fact that they maximize openings up to 90% in some environments without the need for pocketed areas. Panda Windows & Doors’ Folding Doors feature a top-hung design and a system of panels that slide and stack perpendicular against one or both of the opening jambs, almost similar to an accordion or z-fold motion.

The benefits of this are as immediate as they are plentiful. Because opening the system stacks the panels together in a way that only takes up about 10% of the available space in the entryway, you can instantly turn your space into an indoor/outdoor living environment in a matter of seconds.


Where Safety Meets Sophistication

Panda Folding Doors also offer child-safe features like multiple pinch-proof EPDM bubble gaskets that are layered in between each panel even make them a great option for families with young kids at home. Because they’re so easy to use, they’re ideal for frequent high foot traffic areas or for creating spacious, uninterrupted views whenever you feel like it.

The Panda Windows & Doors Approach

Regardless of the option that you choose, the most important thing to understand is that indoor/outdoor living areas are endlessly customizable, allowing them to blend seamlessly in with the existing design of your home. Panda Windows & Doors’ own options let you choose between many finish options, handle options and more. In fact, by maintaining a consistent visual “theme” between the two spaces, they come together to form something far more functional than either one of them could be on their own.


What you’re left with is an opportunity to maximize the resale value of your home and create a more functional area, all while enjoying the benefits of connecting with the outdoors like stress relief and an improved mood and ability to focus. It’s easy to see why traditional patios and decks are falling out of favor with homeowners who instead want the versatility that only these multi-use spaces can offer. Homeowners get to enjoy the indoors AND outdoors without feeling limited in any way, which really is the most important benefit of all. 

If you’d like to find out more information about the major benefits of building an indoor/outdoor living space in your own home, or if you’d just like to discuss your own particular needs with someone in a bit more detail, please reach out to your Regional Account Manager, request a quote, or live chat with a Panda Professional today.