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Go Big in Your Home with an Extra-Large Pivot Front Door

Your home is your safe space, the place you want to come to at the end of a long, hard day. It’s also a source of pride, something you want to be able to show to your friends, family, and community as a symbol of your achievements and success.

Your home is also as unique as you are—or, at least, it should be. One way that you can bring this unique style to the upgrades on your home is with an oversized pivot entry door.


What Are Pivot Entry Doors?

Soaring up to 18’ tall and 9’ wide, the Voyage Select Pivot Door from Panda Windows & Doors comes in 10 different designs. You also have the option to choose from a variety of tracks, panel profiles, glass options, and hardware to customize your own system. Front door trends of 2022 are all leaning toward glass and aluminum neutral wood-look pivot front doors.


Why Would Someone Choose from the Pivot Door Collection?

An oversized pivot entry door is a great way to add some flair and an interesting focal point. Large pivot front doors can be customized with a range of colors, finishes, unique pivot hinges, and custom hardware which brings everything together and makes the property come alive.


How Are Oversized Pivot Doors Designed?

Pivot doors can come in a standard design as well as with unique design elements. The specialized pivot front doors use a spindle and rotate system to open, while traditional door hinges are attached to the frame.


What Is Special About Oversized Door Systems?

Although pivot doors take up the entire space from floor to ceiling, they appear to float independently of their frames. This gives the home a modern look while still providing functionality. The multi-point mechanism door locking hardware is specialized to look good and work well at the same time.


How Do Oversized Entry Doors Change the Look of a Home?

When you add a pivot front door into the entryway of your home, it gives a dramatic flair that can up the curb appeal of your home.


Do Large Pivot Entry Doors Need Specialized Installation?

Pivot doors are easier to install than you might think, with most of the hardware hidden in the door only a small plate is needed at the top and bottom to receive the pivot hinge. Some building owners opt to remove side windows in addition to their front entry door to make way for their new oversized pivot front door.


Are Oversized Entry Doors Good for Selling a Home?

Pivot doors are a modern solution for many homeowners who want to make a big impact with the first impressions of their homes. When attention is paid to the smallest of details, it can mean much larger profits if you’re trying to sell your home.


How Should You Choose Materials for Your Custom Door?

Not all oversized pivot entry doors are made equal, however. You want to go with a high-end choice that meshes well with the architectural design of the rest of the home, the beauty of the design elements, and the surrounding landscape. Oversized entry doors make a statement—a good one.

Panda Windows and Doors offer a line of doors that not only have modern, contemporary lines but that are easy to use and complement any design choice.


How Wide Can a Pivot Door Be?

Voyage Select Pivot doors can range anywhere from a few feet to up to 9’ wide, giving you a range of options for your space. The wider the door, the bigger the impact. Pivot front doors can also be adjusted to fit the shape and size of any room in your home, not just the front entryway.


What Is the Largest Size that a Pivot Front Door Can Be?

Pivot front doors can be anywhere up to 18’ tall and 9’ wide. If you want something smaller, there are a range of designs as well, but you can make the most impact with a larger door. Remember that side windows can also be removed to make space for a larger entryway pivot front door.

On an oversized pivot entry door, the multipoint mechanism door hardware allows for oversized entry doors that are still functional.


Does a Custom Door Fit with the Current 2022 Trends?

Drama isn’t always a bad thing—the drama that is brought to a door by elegant lines at the same time as providing a practical space solution is the perfect combination.


How Are the New Trends Different than in the Past?

Nowadays, door trends are moving away from cluttered details that can distract eyes from other areas of the house. Instead, clean lines keep the attention on the entryway as a whole and connect it to the beauty of both the home and the landscape.


Why Is an Oversized Front Door Important for Curb Appeal?

There is high demand for pivot doors in high-quality homes because an intriguing door makes the entryway exciting and sets the tone for the entire feel of the house. The door is the first point of contact for anyone coming into the home—that’s where the most impact lies.


What Are Some Materials for Your Custom Door?

Pivot doors allow for the seamless connection of the outdoors to the indoors, especially when they are inlaid with glass elements. A black pivot door made with glass and aluminum is just one option for the front door trends of 2022.


How Much Does a Large Pivot Front Door Cost?

Just as with anything else, the amount of money you spend on a pivot front door is going to be equivalent to its quality, design, and desirability.

Every project is different. Reach out to us with your ideas by requesting a quote, and we can provide accurate pricing for your custom, high-quality pivot door.


Do Oversized Door Systems Open Both Ways?

Pivot front doors can open inward or outward, or both extending a full 180 degrees. There is no need for a bulky frame or door hinges and jambs as with regular offerings.


Do Pivot Entry Doors Need a Frame?

Since regular doors need to be hung on a frame, their size and weight are limited. However, large pivot front doors use a spindle as their turning point, which takes the weight off of the door frame. Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, but they’re structurally sound and made with savvy engineering, as well.

Pivot doors reach from the floor to the ceiling, making a large impact from the beginning. Although they are quite tall and can reach up to 9’ wide, the pivot hinges are hidden inside the top and bottom of the door, so the traditional door jambs aren’t needed.


What Types of Buildings Can Accommodate Pivot Front Doors?

Pivot front doors aren’t just for residential buildings. They are great for commercial properties as well, especially if the business lends itself to needing open space and sweeping views.


Final Thoughts

The pivot door collection from Panda Windows & Doors gives a range of options for making a statement with your new oversized front door on pivot hinges. You’ll love coming home to your pivot entry door and everyone who comes to your home will marvel at the wonder of your pivot entry door.

Ready to learn more? We invite you to reach out to us. We’d love to hear your ideas for your new oversized pivot door.


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