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Panda’s Modern Pivot Entry Doors Offer Limitless Configurations

The first impression of a modern home or commercial building can have a big impact, particularly when the property owner has paid attention to the details. If you’re looking for a silhouette that is crisp and minimalist, there are a number of options to get the look you’re after.

In this article, we’ll outline how the pivot door has been the perfect modern solution for many. Those who want a better profile for their property are choosing these doors for their flexibility and experimenting with them to create a unique entryway for their home or commercial building.


How Modern Doors Can Change Your Property

One way to achieve a minimalist look is by choosing high-end modern doors that showcase the architectural beauty of the property and surrounding landscape. Panda Windows & Doors has a line of doors that are contemporary, effortless to use, and align perfectly with practically any decor.

Configuration Options for a Custom Pivot Door

From custom sizes soaring up to 18′ tall and 9′ wide, side lites, and transom windows, there are a number of ways to adjust pivot front doors to fit not only the size and shape of the room but also your personal style and the rest of the property.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial door pivot or for a residential home, you can add elements to customize the design and make it entirely yours. Rich colors, finishes, pivot hinges, and door hardware are all elements that Panda uses to bring our products to life.

The Clean Lines of a Luxury Door Frame

A pivot door offers an elegant and practical solution for those who want to introduce a little drama to their design. As door trends lean away from cluttered details that can distract the eye, they step forward toward clean lines that draw your attention to the scale and beauty of the home and its surroundings.

Why Pivot Entry Doors Are in Such High Demand

Doors are usually the first thing a person really interacts within a home. An intriguing design not only spices up the threshold, but it can also set the tone for the rest of the time you spend in the space.

Pivot doors in modern designs satisfy this demand. Their signature sleek profile stands out from traditional doors, creating a dynamic entrance that both welcomes and wows guests.

Modern-Pivot-Entry-Doors-Offer-Limitless-Configuration-Options_Custom Door Residential-Sequoia - Desert

Modern Pivot Door Configurations Fit Any Design Plan

New options in glass doors make it possible to customize your entry with the configuration that fits best. Whether it’s a conglomerate headquarters or a modest beach cottage, a modern pivot door will bring the outdoors in, inviting the best of the natural world to meet the best of your interior world.

How Does a Pivot Door Work?

Understanding the configurations starts with understanding the basics of pivot door construction. A pivot door can stretch from the floor to the ceiling of a room and even span across the entire entryway up to 9’ wide. This is enabled by a pivot hinge system that is hidden inside the top and bottom of the door.

Traditional hinged doors are hung on a frame which limits their size and weight, but pivot doors operate by turning around a spindle (acting as the “pivot” point). This gives the door a sleek, contemporary look while taking the weight off of the door frame. Pivots can be a truly breath-taking addition to both residential and commercial properties alike.

The Futuristic Look of Pivot Entry Doors in Your Modern Property

The pivot door of today challenges old standards and introduces futuristic elements. The team at Panda Windows & Doors has been especially adept at putting our own spin on this popular trend.

Instead of being attached at the side to a full door jamb, which can create a somewhat heavier look to the front door, a pivot front door appears to float by rotating at its pivot point. What makes this door hardware so special is its unique engineering. The mechanisms make it look like the door operates as a separate entity from the frame.

Modern-Pivot-Entry-Doors-Offer-Limitless-Configuration-Options_Custom Door Pivot-Door-Commercial-Space-S20

The Simplistic Beauty of the Pivot Hinge: How It Offers More Configurations

Pivot hinges are installed at the top and bottom of the frame. The overall size of the door will vary based on the existing architecture of the home as well as design choices with Panda options ranging from up to 18′ tall and 9′ wide.

There is some flexibility when it comes to exactly how and where the pivot hinge is placed. This is the crux of creating endless configurations in a property of any size.

Modern-Pivot-Entry-Doors-Offer-Limitless-Configuration-Options_ Drop Seal and Floor Closures

13 Unique Pivot Door Designs + Customization Options

One of the more popular lines from Panda Windows & Doors is the Voyage Select pivot door. It features 13 unique designs plus the option to customize your own system. From hardware to glass to finishes: you build the pivot door that works for you.

The Voyage Select Contemporary Pivot Door

Voyage Select Contemporary Pivot front doors are both durable and modern. They were inspired by exceptional properties in exotic locations and have been chosen by some of the most prestigious property owners.

Choose from an array of available finishes and designs to create a striking entrance that leaves an impression. Easy-to-operate hardware handles come in black, chrome, champagne, brass, and white, and ladder pulls help users get even more of a handle on the door.

The Practical Side of the Wide Entrances Created by a Pivot Front Door

You can configure a pivot front door to open wider than a traditional oak front door, making it easy to move furniture or other bulky items in and out.

If you’re known for experimenting with your space, the Voyage Select pivot door opens up to make for easier transportation. The space the door creates as it moves makes the whole home appear larger.

It’s an undeniably bold way to enter and exit that also offers several practical advantages. Panda has seen clients opt for pivot doors because they solve several of their problems in one fell swoop.

Voyage Select Pivot Door Maui Res Ibiza

How Pivot Doors Introduce More Design Configurations to Your Property

If you’re looking for a modern pivot door, the configuration options come down to the kind of door hardware you use.

Many of the doors on the market today are attempting to solve pain points for architects and contractors, but they’re also considering how a property owner can benefit both now and down the road.

Pivot Doors Can Be Customized and Configured for Any Project

A pivot front door and pivot hinge are both built strong, and because they’re so versatile, they can conform to practically any kind of project. They’re perfectly at home in nearly any terrain and even the hottest climates can benefit from a glass pivot door.

You may see them more at the coast, but it’s also not unusual for people in central locations to choose them as a replacement for double doors or sliding doors. It’s a modern touch that can put an interesting spin on traditional homes or commercial buildings.

Match the Colors, Styles, and Textures of Your Home or Building

Panda clients can choose pivot doors in any number of colors and styles, making it easy to match existing architecture. Some customers will choose doors as a jumping-off point to redesign the rest of their home. The right pivot door can be an inspiration to help you shape the property into exactly what you want it to be.

Our high-pressure laminate veneer for pivot doors comes in seven natural wood tones, giving you the beauty of wood without sacrificing the performance of the door frame. Whether you want oak, maple, or an exotic species, we make it easy to find the design you want. You can also choose from 48 colors, ranging from textured to smooth.

The Evolution of Modern Trends and Pivot Doors

Modern doors are getting bigger every year with painted finishes in blues like navy or indigo and reds like burgundy. If doors do have a panel, the trend is to have a single one with surrounding straight-line trim.

An entry door from Panda has been evolved to meet your high standards of living. It’s easy for some guests to be intimidated by heavy panels and height pivot doors. That’s why we engineer each door to move effortlessly, regardless of how heavy the glass is.

Self-Closing Mechanisms and Multi-Point Locking Systems

Our doors pivot because of clever hardware that was designed to stand strong against external forces again and again. Not only can a custom door be every bit as secure as a traditional door, but it might also come through with less damage than its counterpart.


A Stylish Front Door that Beckons You Outside

Whereas decorative lines may have been in style in the past, the modern era is seeing more alignment with nature. To really put the outdoors in view, you have to strip away the distractions. Designers use color to add personality without necessarily calling too much attention to the outline of the doors.

The Nature of Panda’s Mission

The seamless transition from inside to outdoors is in high demand for its soothing characteristics. Between the extra light and fresh air, you get larger-than-life openings into the home.

You also inspire people to connect more with nature, which can have untold physical and emotional benefits for everyone. Our pivot doors were built as a solution for anyone who wants to get more from their daily life.

How Can You Get Modern Pivot Doors Installed? Call Panda Windows & Doors

The staff at Panda Windows & Doors have followed design trends since the inception of the company, and we’re constantly challenging what can and can’t be done. The impressive metrics for height, weight, and width of our doors are really just the beginning.

Configure Your Latest Project with the Help of Quality Pivot Entry Doors

With Panda, you get color, customization, and configuration that is truly unmatched. Whereas one company might be able to meet most of your project needs, we engineer our products to meet them all. If you have a question about how you can get a pivot door that will work in your space, request a quote or contact us today for more options. We’re here to transform your pivot door construction ideas into a reality.

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