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Pass-thru Serving Windows Create an Ideal Entertaining Space

A home remodel boom is taking place as many homeowners decide to create their own indoor/outdoor entertainment spaces to make their homes more enjoyable.

As a leading manufacturer of oversized glass door systems, our team knows that adding sliding or folding glass doors can have an instant impact in connecting the indoors to the outdoors at home. But there is also one more area to consider – the kitchen window.

You may be familiar with interior pass-thru serving windows. These windows make it easier to move food from the kitchen to the dining room or family room. Now, envision one of these installed in place of an exterior window, connecting the family kitchen to a backyard, patio, or even all-weather porch. Suddenly, those in the kitchen are connected to activity outside, and can easily slide even the heaviest of dishes to a convenient serving ledge or bar.

Pass Thru Kitchen Multi-Slide Serving Window

The Perks of a Pass-Thru Kitchen Serving Window

A pass-thru serving window delivers the convenience of easy kitchen access without the expense or maintenance of a separate outdoor kitchen. That said, it can also be a convenient way to pass prepared food to an outdoor kitchen or grill.

Panda pass-thru serving windows are available with or without retractable screens, and are custom designed to fit into a range of architectural styles without losing energy efficiency. Several Panda window options also come with a flush bottom sill which creates a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. Operable windows also make it easier to bring the outdoors in on a beautiful day, with a range of finish and hardware options to match virtually any interior or exterior appearance.

Available in custom sizes, Panda’s pass-thru serving windows can fit into any design without sacrificing kitchen cabinets or other important features. This makes it simple to expand your home’s living spaces to the great outdoors without a lot of expensive construction.

Are Folding or Sliding Windows the Best Option for your Design?

There are two major options for pass-thru kitchen serving windows – folding or sliding. Folding window panels are hinged together on a track to fold and slide to the side, forming a folding stack of windows that moves to one side or both sides of the window cavity. Because the panels stack to the sides, you’ve got plenty of room in the generous opening to pass food and other items through. Panda folding doors are also available to match. 

Adding a Pass-thru Kitchen Serving Window to Create the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining Space
By comparison, sliding windows offer thinner profile options and larger panel sizes, creating less of a break in the view and allowing more light in. This makes them a great option for truly minimalist designs, offering less separation from the natural world. They require very little hardware and are a great option in tight spaces where you don’t want folding panels getting in the way either indoors or outside at the edges of the opening. They can also be designed with or without a pocket – a pocket creating the largest opening as the panels can then be hidden within the pocket entirely when open. Panda sliding windows are also available to match our sliding doors such as our TS.XO Multi-Slide system.

Design Considerations When Planning a Pass-Thru Kitchen Window

When planning your pass-thru kitchen window, work your way through various scenarios to determine what would work best for your situation. Will you simply have a walk-up opening or do you want to provide seating? Will a low-profile sill work for your needs or will you need a sill that is flush with the countertop to be able to push large, heavy trays of food across?

Beyond simple design and planning, it’s also important to keep in mind more practical matters. In coastal regions that can be prone to tropical storms, typhoons and hurricanes, codes may require impact-rated windows. The Panda team is experienced with all types of applications and considerations and will walk through your project with you to ensure we are addressing all of your needs. We’ll help you find the right solutions that deliver amazing style, convenience, performance, and a customized fit.

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Pass-thru kitchen serving windows enhance indoor/outdoor entertainment spaces with one simple upgrade. With over 50 customizable products, there are no limitations in making your imagination a reality. To learn more, please reach out to request a quote today.

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