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Why Choose Glass Walls for Your Office? The Benefits Explained

Every business owner wants their workspace to feel inviting, and glass walls for office spaces could be the solution to give your workers more flexibility, improve their productivity, and put them in a better mood. 

Why do glass walls in an office space make such a big difference in the atmosphere of your work environment? Here’s what you need to know about glass walls and how they can benefit your business. 

What is a Glass Wall?

Research is clear that time spent in nature improves our overall well-being and mental health. The problem is that most of us are so caught up in the day-to-day grind of our work that we never get the opportunity to enjoy nature. Glass walls could be the solution to bring the outside world into your office in a small yet tangible way. 

Glass walls are a stunning design feature with an oversized pane of glass that gives you a clear and breathtaking view of the world beyond your immediate space. They can be exterior-facing glass walls and doors that provide a view of the outside world, or they can be interior glass walls and doors that create internal, functional spaces without making the floorplan feel suffocating.

Unlike small windows which give you only a glimpse, a glass wall surrounds you from floor to ceiling with the very best the world has to offer – all from the convenience of your desk. 

Small offices with minimal windows and natural light can feel suffocating. A glass wall opens the doors to possibility and motivates you to get your work done.

Benefits of Glass Walls for Offices

Glass walls provide more than just a beautiful aesthetic for your office space. These key benefits of glass walls and doors will guide your decision-making when designing your next modern glass wall for the office. 

Facilitates Biophilic Design

There are inherent benefits of bringing the outdoors in! Biophilic design is all the rage in interior design these days, focusing on improving well-being, mood, and productivity in the workplace. 

Glass walls are one option to create harmony between the indoors and outdoors, giving you the setting needed to accomplish more in your day-to-day responsibilities. 

Not only will you be more productive with a glass wall, but you can also reduce employee turnover and minimize seasonal depression in your employees. The result is a happier, healthier workplace where people are dedicated to a job well done. 

Office Culture

Want to improve your office culture? It could be as easy as creating a feeling of togetherness with a glass wall. Because employees can see into common spaces or even coworking spaces where other employees are gathered, it can foster a greater sense of connection which makes individuals feel less isolated. It may even promote improved communication by making managers and colleagues feel more accessible. 


Space is often at a premium in busy workplaces, and moveable glass walls allow you to adapt the space as needed. You can close them for more private meetings and focus rooms. When not in use, you can open them up to make your space feel larger or more inviting for office parties. 

Sleek and Modern

Appearances matter when it comes to your business and brand. Glass walls give a professional, modern appearance which can influence the way clients and partners view your brand. A little bit of interior design can enhance a brand’s reputation or personality. Plus, it looks impressive to any visitors you might have who are thinking about dealing with your company. 

Energy Efficient

Last but not least, glass walls boast the benefit of being energy efficient. At Panda, we offer a selection of Thermally Broken doors that minimize the transfer of heat. You can better control the amount of sun and fresh air entering the office by opening or closing the doors and window coverings. In the end, this allows you to keep employees comfortable without adding utility costs to the budget. 

Types of Glass Walls for Offices

While glass walls to the exterior of your building might be your first inclination, they aren’t the only option to expand your office. Some business owners will also want to incorporate glass walls into their interiors as part of an expansive entryway or to welcome guests into a conference room space. Even curved glass walls are a possibility. 

Take advantage of these ideas before redesigning your office space.

Horizontal Sliding Doors

Maybe you want to make sure that your entryway into a common space is as large as possible. A wide entry point can make it feel more inviting, even if you do hard work in the room within. This is where horizontal sliding doors can come into play. You can maximize your opening by up to 100 percent with top-hung doors and multiple panels. 

Horizontal sliding doors are a sleek and very modern way to open up your office space without sacrificing security. They’re popular for creating conference rooms or offices that make meetings feel open and inviting without allowing voices from inside to carry.

Multi-Slide Glass Doors

Sliding doors are often the first type of glass wall that comes to mind for interior designers. Our multi-slide doors can open to either side of an opening, telescoping and storing them from view when you want to open up the space.

Designs abound for multi-slide glass doors. Some people will want something simple and clean to give their office a modern facelift. Others will want to explore avant-garde options like curved glass doors that truly stand out. This makes them a wonderful option for offices with a courtyard or green space within the business park.

Lift and Slide Doors

Maybe security is your number one priority, but glass walls seem more likely to sustain damage. A lift and slide door can be used in both interior and exterior applications, giving you the security you need. 

At Panda, we provide customers with a few options for thermally broken Lift and Slide doors that can help keep wanted temperatures in. We also offer a hurricane-rated Lift and Slide for Florida and other areas prone to extreme weather conditions. 

Folding Glass Doors 

Folding glass doors are the last category you may want to consider when it comes to both interior and exterior doors. These accordion-fold doors stack at the entrance to your room or toward the exterior of your office. Like horizontal sliding doors, they make the most of your entry point with a slightly smaller opening (90 percent versus 100 percent). 

They are lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant while giving you the modern twist on walls that your office has been begging for. 

Let Panda Help Design Your Office Space

Adding a glass wall to your office space is a savvy way to capitalize on these tremendous benefits. Panda Windows and Doors can assist you with the design of a sleek and modern style that makes everyone in your office take notice. Our custom luxury windows and doors give you the perfect element to make your office stand out. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about our commercial windows and doors!

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