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Don’t be Afraid to Make a Big Entrance with Awe-Inspiring Pivot Doors

Homeowners are fearlessly taking their entry doors to impressive heights (and widths) to make a big first impression. A growing trend in residential architecture is the use of pivot doors to meet the need for a larger entry door. Residential pivot doors also offer the sleek, clean lines that many luxury homeowners are seeking.

Panda Windows & Doors is known for creating the largest sliding and bi-fold doors in the industry and our pivot doors are no exception – available in sizes measuring up to 9 feet wide and even up to 18 feet tall.

As outlined in our recent article Modernize Your Home’s Appearance with Residential Pivot Doors, while traditional hinged doors are hung on a frame which limits their size and weight, pivot doors operate by turning around a spindle – the “pivot” point. This gives the door a sleek, contemporary look while taking the weight off of the door frame and allowing for larger panels.

Don’t be Afraid to Make a Big Entrance with Awe-Inspiring Pivot Doors

Panda Voyage Select™ Contemporary Pivot Doors

Inspired by exotic locations, Panda’s new Voyage Select™ Contemporary Pivot Doors are the perfect mix of modern design and highly engineered durability. The Voyage Select line comes in 13 elegant designs that blend seamlessly into any project with a variety of options to create a completely customized system.

Complement existing architecture with a selection of seven rich, natural wood tones in the form of high-pressure laminate veneer for superior performance, as well as forty-eight pigment-rich colors, including a range of textured and smooth metallic options. Six different hardware handles are available in black, chrome, brass, champagne and white, as well as ladder pulls. Voyage Select Contemporary Pivot Doors also work well with a wide range of available side lites to create a breathtaking entrance.

Panda Voyage Select Pivot Doors

Panda Pivot doors are not only beautiful, but easy to use as well. Thanks to our state-of-the-art engineering, each door can be operated almost effortlessly. Each unit is fabricated with a concealed self-closing mechanism for ease of use, and a multi-point locking system for security.

With over 50 customizable products, there are no limitations in making your imagination a reality. To learn more, please reach out to find your Regional Account Manager or schedule a Virtual Consultation to discuss your project today. 

Don’t be Afraid to Make a Big Entrance with Awe-Inspiring Pivot Doors

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Modernize Your Home’s Appearance with Residential Pivot Doors