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Engineered to fold away and stack against side walls, these Sliding & Folding Glass Door Systems custom doors dramatically expand livable areas.

Ideal for spaces without pocketing options!

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A specially designed sliding door system which incorporates a European inspired design and hardware set.

Perfect for creating a seamless transition to any outdoor space!

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A cost-effective alternative to Lift & Slides, this solution operates almost effortlessly on specially-designed stainless steel rollers. Reveal breathtaking views with our sleek Multi-Slide product line!

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Horizontal Sliding Wall door systems are multiple panel door systems which all operate along a single recessed channel track system. Ideal for creating a movable wall to separate spaces in Restaurants, Lounges, Nightclubs and hotels!

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Designed to accommodate oversized openings, this product is the most recent trend in interior design as it creates an elegant entrance. If you want to incorporate a contemporary style into your property, then these custom doors are the way to go!

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Our custom window line of European designed high performance architectural windows are built to your specifications with few limitations, which allows for design flexibility. You imagine it, we create it!

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Why Choose Panda Products?

Options are the key to custom sliding & folding glass door systems, and Panda offers the best of them. Through a wide range of customization options, we make sure your dream design, whether commercial or residential, can be executed just the way you have imagined it. During the early stages, our team of expert designers will work closely with you to adapt your design vision to the required functionality and government compliances.  Panda assists you in the entire process and creates products that respond to those specific requirements.

When your project calls for flexibility, Panda has the solution!

Panda is a one-stop shop for all of your custom Sliding & Folding Glass Door Systems needs. From Lift and Slide, Folding Door and Operable Wall Systems to French/Pivot doors and architectural windows, Panda has you covered.  You don’t have to deal with many different companies anymore. You only have to use your imagination, and leave the rest to Panda. We strive to provide solutions that are integral so you don’t have to run around looking for a custom entry door here and a Lift and Slide door there.

You can find it all at Panda!

Panda combines innovative technology and advanced design to create window and door systems that deliver excellent performance, energy efficiency and life- long durability. A great deal or research and testing processes have gone into creating each one of Panda’s products and enhancements.

When it comes to custom made thermally broken sliding and folding glass door systems movable glass wall systems, Panda has the subject mastered. In fact, no other company in the US produces thermally broken Pivot Doors and Lift and Slides. Panda is the only one able to provide a complete package for improving weather performance.

The custom in-house made Panda hardware is design to increase the overall systems’ longevity. Large 10mm hinges are used to withstand large panels of up to 551 lbs each, and allow for a smother operation. From top rails, hinges, guides, carriages and handles to D-rings and bearings, the entire hardware assembly is produced with stronger support and resistance in mind.

Our experienced support team offers a consultational approach to your request.

We are committed to working closely with you to identify the right course of action for your specific requirements.

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