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Your Environment. Your Personality.



There is no wrong way to make a living space or workspace your own. Adding personality to your design is what makes it YOUR space. Give your interior design some flair by adding even a simple touch of color even if it is two-tone. Expand your limits and explore a tri-tone color palette on your next remodel.

Having the option to change up how something is normally looked at is a way to open your horizon and go big. Panda Windows & Doors offers multiple options in opening your space while leaving nothing closed in. Pocketing a sliding door can be a highly proactive way in creating a larger space when wanted while leaving a space closed in when needed. No longer abiding by standard industry rules, Panda systems allow full customization of every product.

Trying something new can be nerve-racking but you never know what you may like until you try. Panda systems give options. Want an open space large enough entertaining? Try a Multi-Slide system allowing for the pocketing of panels completely hiding any signs of the door. Want to create a separated room? Simply operate the Multi-Slide panels back out from the pocket and create a new closed-off space perfect for your guests to mingle!
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