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Resources for Architects & Design Construction Professionals

At Panda, we pride ourselves on our ability to make any design possible regardless of the engineering hurdles faced – and innovative, custom designs are our specialty. We value our connection with the architecture community as we work together to transform and maximize residential and commercial projects by seamlessly transitioning their interior and exterior spaces.

From hotels and beachfront resorts to restaurants, Class-A office buildings, retail showrooms, upscale residential properties, and more, your vision is our starting point. Each of our high-end windows and doors is meticulously engineered specifically for your project.

Our Commitment to Architects and Design Construction Professionals

We encourage architects and design professionals to engage with us early in the design process. Our team of experts will be there to provide project management resources as well as insight and assistance with problem-solving, drawings, samples, and support for your vision from the very first drawing to the completed project.

90˚ corner? Radius opening? Top-hung or recessed tracks? Massively tall or extremely wide openings? No problem! Our flexible systems can be made to any size and are custom-made for each project. The burden of separating and joining rooms is a thing of the past. Our systems allow you to maximize your room’s opening without occupying docking space, adding instant impact to any room.

Webinars and Resources for Architects and Design Construction Professionals

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering design and construction resources, we offer several educational opportunities and architectural resources for architects, contractors, and other construction professionals.

Webinars and Resources for Architects and Design Construction Professionals

ON-DEMAND AIA/GBCI CE Webinar: Expansive Openings for Energy Efficient Settings

Expansive Folding Door and Sliding Door Systems have become immensely popular, as they offer a variety of features and benefits. Many of our clients find them to be particularly beneficial in energy-efficient settings.

During this one-hour course, one of our most popular architect resources, uncover the features and benefits of large opening glass wall systems. Explore how architects and builders are using glass wall systems to expand spaces and connect occupants to the outdoors.

Resources for Architects Commercial-Door-Buying-Guide

Download Commercial Door Selection Guide

To help make the commercial glass door selection process easier, we’ve covered several applications and door styles in this helpful guide.

Topics covered include Energy Efficiency, Weatherability, Biophilic Design, Technology, Indoor Air Quality, Special Applications, and more.

Architectural Resources Request Aluminum Finish-Brochure

Aluminum Finish Brochure Request Form

Request a copy of our Aluminum Powder Coat Finish Brochure for your sample library with true color samples.

Panda has numerous finish options, including custom colors, available for our aluminum systems depending on the location, use, and weather conditions your project requires.

construction resources Residential-Door-Buying-Guide

Download Residential Door Buying Guide

To help make the residential door buying process easier, we’ve covered several types of door styles and the benefits of each in this helpful guide.

The guide also answers common questions such as ‘Which doors are better for extreme climates? And what type of doors are safest around small children?’.


Download Product Brochures and Technical Specs

Visit our Downloads page where you will find online brochures and technical specifications.

Panda Blog Articles

Keep up with our carefully curated architectural resource, the Panda blog, to learn more about the expert insights our Panda innovators have on the current market.

Panda Videos

Learn how each of our door styles operate by viewing our helpful video resources on Vimeo and Youtube.

Reach Out for More Design and Construction Resources

If you have suggestions for additional resources, need performance ratings, or can’t find what you need, just reach out to us directly and we’d be glad to help.

Expansive Sliding Glass Doors and Folding Doors for Every Application

From hotels and beachfront resorts to upscale residential properties, your vision is our starting point. Each of our windows and doors is meticulously engineered specifically for your project.

We have over 50 customizable products, so there are no limitations to making your imagination a reality. From our flagship, slim-profile TS.X0 Multi-Slide sliding glass doors, to our massive, customizable Voyage Select Pivot Doors, popular Folding Doors, and affordable Panda-Select line, we help architects and construction professionals create open-air spaces to meet consumer demand.

Our systems won’t compromise the view, comfort, or safety of your client’s vision. No matter the location of your project, we have suitable systems that are energy-efficient, hurricane-rated, thermally-broken, weather-resistant systems, sound-resistant, and ADA- compliant.

Construction Management Resources and Expertise When You Need It

We understand the myriad of challenges faced by architecture and construction professionals, and our team is ready to help deliver architect project resources and support. From architectural samples to speedy quotes, samples, drawings, and engineering support – just reach out to find the architectural resource that you need.

As Panda customer Tyler Barron of Engineered Construction Products shares, “Panda is always responsive, proactive and understands the time crunch we face day in and day out. Panda always provides quick detailed competitive quotes on last-minute requests. They will stand by you throughout the competition of a project. The professional level and expertise that Panda has brought to the DC market sets them above from the rest”.

We’ll Be There for Your Customer, Long After the Project Has Wrapped

From our 10-year warranty, replacement parts, and top-notch customer service, we have become a leader in the industry thanks in part to our commitment long after the installation.

The Benefits of Expansive Openings

Expansive folding and sliding door systems have become immensely popular, as they offer a variety of features and benefits.

Healthy Living 

Panda’s expansive glass door systems enhance living areas with natural daylighting and natural ventilation to deliver clean, fresh outdoor air.  Using expansive openings to bring sunlight into a commercial space not only reduces the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours (without causing heating or cooling problems) but can also improve the health of building occupants.

When the View Matters

Large expanses of glass can not only help to maximize small spaces, but they also provide a deeper sense of connection to the outdoors by enhancing natural views. Properly designed modern systems offer sleek designs and slim profiles to enhance natural views with minimal obstruction whether the doors are open or closed. Some even offer optional recessed headers and jambs to create the illusion of floor-to-ceiling glass. Panda glass doors are engineered with clean lines to enhance natural views with minimal obstruction.

Vacation at Home 

Systems that open and stack (or pocket) create the ultimate backyard retreat for entertaining or vacationing at home.

Flexible Design

Double your living area. Create interior room dividers. The flexibility offered by Panda glass door systems is limitless. Glass door systems deliver the flexibility needed to open, close or divide interior spaces as needed. The possibilities are limitless with expansive openings, as glass door systems deliver the flexibility needed to open, close or divide interior spaces as needed in response to the needs of the building occupants or for energy efficiency.


Whether in extreme temps, high-force winds, or flooding… Panda systems perform their best when they are needed most. Our impact-resistant glass doors are built to withstand impact from driving rain, high winds, large debris, tropical storms, and even Category 5 hurricanes.

Energy Efficiency

Panda Windows & Doors offer thermally broken options to help reduce the transfer of heat or cold into conditioned spaces. Overall, the energy efficiency of commercial and residential spaces has never been more important. The right construction makes it possible to meet energy needs and satisfy people’s expectations for comfort.

Put Panda’s 30 Years of Industry Experience to Work for You

With over 30 years in business and thousands of successful custom projects worldwide, Panda Windows & Doors has earned its reputation as a leading US manufacturer known for creating some of the largest glass wall and door systems in the industry.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, our products are all handcrafted with recycled aluminum by our window and door artisans. From performance ratings to test-wall assessment, we assure you that our quality performance will not disappoint.

While we pride ourselves on having the shortest turnaround on proposals in the industry, we don’t stop there! From detailed drawings to our signature customer service post-installation, our team will always be your first point of contact.

With Panda, you get color, customization, and configuration that is truly unmatched. Whereas one company might be able to meet most of your project needs, we engineer our products to meet them all. If you need help or are ready to get started, connect with us today.

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