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Vero Beach Update! Phase II!



Vero Beach update!
Back on May 2nd, we gave you an inside look at our expansive venture in Vero Beach, Florida. This newly built residence has now progressed to phase II. Built from the ground up, this residence is being equipped with (14) S.51 Folding Doors and (13) S.10 Lift & Slide Doors. Each door was fabricated with quality craftsmanship at the Panda Windows & Doors headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The S. 51 Folding Doors, maximize open space through either turning a subdivided room into a single larger area or by seamlessly joining inside and outside spaces. Even when completely folded and stacked, our design is exceptionally appealing to the eye. Our unique engineering allows for the folding and stacking of panels to occur from either side in an accordion fashion.

Panda S.10 Lift & Slide Doors give every project a convenient way of creating entryways and ease of operation. This system brings a modernistic sleek design accenting any location of a project. As a functional piece, the S.10 is designed to bring peace-of-mind with a weathertight seal when the system is fully closed. As a cosmetic piece, the S.10 is designed to bring detailed focus on the architectural structure of the property while joining spaces.
While this Vero Beach property continues its journey to a completed state, Panda Windows & Doors is flattered to be featured tremendously throughout. Panda systems raise the value of any property and are always considered a luxury product. From windows to doors, Panda looks to remain at the top of the industry when it comes to both quality and attention to detail.

Stay informed on this Vero Beach project by checking in as our blog is updated weekly with information from featured Panda projects and news on what’s to come with Panda Windows & Doors!

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