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Stray From Standard and Go Tiny!



Have you heard of tiny homes? Tiny homes are hitting the scene as buyers are looking to live minimally while still maintaining a modern and contemporary feel. These tiny homes are usually from 1 to 2 rooms with a space similar to a camper. Many see this as all the area they need to live an everyday life while some see this as not enough room. Depending on your outlook on the time spent at home or not needing material items, a tiny home could be a perfect match for you.

Panda Windows & Doors offers doors suitable for tiny homes such as Lift & Slides and Folding doors. With our Lift & Slide options, a simple turn of the handle will lift the panel from the floor which gives the opportunity to slide the system open. As the handle is once again turned, the panel drops making it inoperable and locked in place. Our Folding doors move in an accordion-like manner, stacking to one or both sides creating open space to a limited area.
As tiny homes become more popular for couples looking to decrease unused space in the household, our door options can help with the design phase. If you have limited space to work with, custom doors and windows are taken into consideration to bring a space to life while remaining modern and classic. Contact the team at Panda Windows & Doors to begin discussing your ideas of adding a new feature to your tiny home.
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