Panda Windows & Doors is proud to present its flagship, award-winning TS.X0 Door System. Featuring an ultra-thin 15/16” profile and immersive glass paneling, the TS.X0 serves to redefine the modern luxury living space. Elevate your space by integrating the style-rich craftsmanship and high-end class of the TS.X0 into your business or home. With a view that draws in and holds the eye, the TS.X0 is designed to make the best first impression possible!

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Key Benefits

  • Both the header and frame jambs are able to be recessed, creating the illusion of floor- to-ceiling glass panels.
  • Ability to maximize clear open space with the use of a pocketed panel storage system.
  • Multi-point locks and a durable craftsmanship secure the door against forced entry.
  • Panels exceeding 10ft in height feature structurally reinforced 15/16 stiles to maintain integrity without compromising the sleek modern look.