Give your space the perfect blend of modern luxury and crystal-clear views, creating a room you’ll never want to leave. Panda Windows & Doors proudly offers its leading option for high-end doors with its TS.X0 residential door system. This award-winning system, known for its innovative sliding door function, features doors with very thin profiles measuring less than one inch across but still offering unbeatable clarity for unobstructed views of any landscape. With our TS.X0 residential door system, Panda Windows & Doors looks to redefine the modern luxury living space. Elevate your space by integrating the impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated style of this high-end sliding glass door into your home. By creating views that draw in viewers and hold their attention, the TS.X0 is designed to make the best first impression possible!

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Key Benefits

  • Both the header and frame jambs are able to be recessed, creating the illusion of floor- to-ceiling glass panels.
  • Ability to maximize clear open space with the use of a pocketed panel storage system.
  • Multi-point locks and a durable craftsmanship secure the door against forced entry.
  • Panels exceeding 10ft in height feature structurally reinforced 15/16 stiles to maintain integrity without compromising the sleek modern look.