Lift and Slide Doors

If you’re looking for a solution that really opens up space in your home, the residential lift and slide door systems from Panda Windows & Doors is the first option you should consider. Effective for hosting parties or large get-togethers that require more space than one room can handle, these are popular choices for efficiently opening up large expanses in homes. This heavy-duty system is more than capable of withstanding heavy winds and rain. The Impact line of lift and slide doors is even capable of surviving hurricane-strength forces. Although these residential lift and slide doors tend to be quite heavy, the system can support panels as large as 100 square feet while retaining the ability to be operated with one finger! Using a system of levers and wheels, each panel can be dropped to the floor sill, compressing double V-gaskets against the floor, sides, and top of the panel. The gaskets are designed to create an airtight and watertight seal around each panel. The result is a system remarkably weather-proof and secure against forced entry.

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