Lift & Slide

Lift & Slide Door Systems are a popular choice for efficiently opening up large expanses. Able to support panels as large as 100sqft, the system can still be operated with a single finger! A system of levers and wheels drops each panel to the floor sill, compressing double v-gaskets against the floor, sides, and top of the panel. The gaskets are designed to create an airtight and watertight seal around each panel. The result is a system remarkably weather-proof and secure against forced entry.

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Key Benefits

  • Offers a barefoot- friendly recessed track that sits just 3/16" above the finished floor.
  • A bottom-running system means all of the systems weight is carried on the bottom track.
  • For waterfront properties where salt corrosion is a concern, steel rollers and hardware components are available.
  • Our proprietary 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions are a prime example of why Panda systems are more durable and reliable than our competitors', even with everyday use.
  • Able to maximize clear open space up to 100% with pocketed doors.
  • Multi-point locks leverage the weight of the panel and secure the door against forced entry.
  • Even with panels exceeding 600 lbs., our Lift & Slide door system is designed to be operable with minimal effort.
  • A multi-direction panel configuration allows for a customizable entryway area.
  • Protect your home from the elements with our hurricane-rated "Impact" Life & Slide systems.
  • Varying profile thicknesses are available for a more modern, contemporary look.