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Steel Production in the USA & Panda’s New Collaboration

Steel in the U.S.

Steel is one of, if not the most, utilized construction material in the U.S. The steel industry employs about 140,000 people in U.S., inadvertently supporting roughly 1 million people’s lives. It is a strong and long-lasting material that allows for more expansive construction projects and structurally sound buildings.

Chicago Steel

Not only valued for its strength and durability, this long-lasting material is much better for the environment than iron and other heavy-duty alloys. Steel is the only material that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in all phases of an automobile’s life—through manufacturing, driving and end-of-life. Additionally, it is the most recycled material in the world, more than aluminum, copper, paper, glass and plastic combined. Over 60 million tons of steel are recycled or exported for recycling each year in North America.

A Brief History of Steel Production

The production of steel boomed in the 19th century following WWII when technological advances made it much cheaper to produce the material at a high caliber. This boom took place predominantly around the Midwest thanks to an abundance of iron found near Lake Superior and a vast amount of coal in Pennsylvania. American steel production went from 1.25 million around 1880 to 24 million tons by 1910. By 1990, it saw growth to 781 million tons. This material aided in the blossoming of American cities, railroads bridges and factories.

Greenhouse Steel

Steel was first mass produced for the railroad industry, but would later go on to be utilized as the framing for large buildings like skyscrapers. The Rand McNally building was a 10-story facility built in Chicago that featured 3,700 tons of steel. The metal was used to craft beams, channels, rails angles and a z-bar columns. This was a marker of a new era of efficiency for building systems. This building system made it possible for the structure’s frame to be stronger as more stories would be added on. This was pivotal in the development of skyscraper and high-rise cities.

Steel 3

Panda x Tuval USA

Panda Windows and Doors has been working for over 30 years with aluminum as its foundational element of construction in its products. Now after an astounding three decades they’ve decided to bring steel into the mix. That is when Panda partnered with the innovative company that is Tuval USA to launch a collaboration like no other in the industry.

Steel 6

Tuval USA creates 100% stainless steel doors and windows that are handcrafted to have the feel of old-world Europe. Their mission is to make their custom steel doors and windows be at the cross section of technology and design. This is achieved with innovative design solutions including their thermally broken steel windows and doors. These doors regulate air flow in and out of your home or commercial property and allow to maintain the most comfortable climate regardless of the weather. This feature also meets a well-crafted design with Tuval’s ultra slim profiles and timeless beauty. These custom steel windows and doors are the optimal choice for a strong, durable and elegant addition to your property. The collection offers an array of steel windows, steel French doors and steel bifold doors that can be used as a back door, a modern front door or a glass wall to define your space.

Steel 4

A Tuval steel window comes in several minimalist configurations including casement, awning hopper and fixed. These steel windows are available to be customized to any space you may have and includes a choice of configurations of mullions, handles, glass and finishes. Additionally, Tuval’s collection of custom steel doors includes a selection of thin steel swing doors and steel folding doors—also called steel bifold doors. Steel windows doors make for a long-lasting design solution, making your property an eco-friendly oasis that’ll last for generations to come.

Steel 5

Other Panda Windows Products

Not looking for steel? Panda Windows and Doors offers a variety of Aluminum, wood and hybrid windows and doors ranging for custom luxury systems to more budget friendly products in our Panda Select line. We pride ourselves on making your dream designs a reality with the help of our brilliant engineers ready to make your system functional and fabulous from conception to installation.

Thermally Broken Systems

Panda also offers a series of eco-friendly thermally broken doors and windows. These systems help regulate the climate inside your home or property and keeps the elements out, allowing you to cut back on heating and cooling costs in your home. All these and more can be found on our website where you can receive a consultation for a luxury door system installation.


  • Are steel framed windows expensive?
    • Due to its strength, durability and density, steel is more of an investment than other more malleable metals like aluminum, it saves you money in the long run. Even with repeat daily use and inclement weather, steel can hold up through the generations.
  • What are the disadvantages of a steel framed window?
    • One of steel’s greatest strengths is also one of its weaknesses. Due to the density of this fine metal, it makes the frame of a window heavy, which could possibly be tougher to operate for some users.
  • Are steel windows more expensive than wood?
    • Steel doors and windows are made of a less accessible material than traditional door and window frame materials like wood. So, yes, they are more expensive than wood, simply for its weight and accessibility.
  • Can a front door be made of steel?
    • Yes, a steel front door is possible and a great first impression to make on your visitors. Steel windows doors is a high profile and functional design solution.

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