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Installing Glass Pocket Doors to Create Usable Fitness Rooms

Fitness is more talked about than ever before, particularly as we become more aware of the many benefits to be gained from being in shape. From mental to physical health, exercise is a way to relieve the body of anything from stress to empty calories.

Having a cohesive and functional space can make a real difference when it comes to getting people to actually use the equipment and make full use of the room. When you install a glass pocket door, it can be a key design element for the overall experience.

Making the Most of Your Fitness Room: How to Revamp Your Space

Your physical health can have a lot to do with where you’re located. From the air quality to the average amount of sunlight during the day, your surroundings play a key role in your lifestyle.

Panda Windows & Doors has been a part of countless transformations by helping owners connect the interior of their property with the wide, wild world beyond. Our materials, from the glass to the door hardware, are designed to take a room to new heights.

Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Fitness Room

Glass pocket doors in a fitness room give property owners the chance to see it in a whole new light (literally). That kind of transparency can flood the room with everything from air to sunshine to a cleansing mist.

Having sliding doors that can pocket into a wall also allows for 100% clear space while removing any division between the indoors and out.

Assessing the Qualities of the Room: How to Use the Location to Your Advantage

If you want everyone who uses the fitness room to make their health a priority, it helps to consider how the surroundings impact the ways in which the room is used.

No one wants to work out in a cold, windowless space with little or no view of the outdoors. When given a choice, a walk on a treadmill with a view would be preferred.

If perhaps one wall faces out to a beautiful vista, the right pocket door frame would be perfect to help you show off the natural masterpiece that lies just beyond.

Or perhaps the fitness room only gets so much visibility as it stands, and glass doors would make it easier to see inside.

Easy, Breezy, Exercise: How to Introduce Healthy Elements Into Your Fitness Room

Whether it’s a clear blue sky or storm clouds ahead, it can be healthy to embrace the outdoors when exercising. Circulating clean air in through opened pocket doors not only means that you’re getting more oxygen into the room, but it also means clearing out toxins.

As people work up a sweat during their run on a treadmill or during an extra set of leg lifts, it can be exhilarating to feel the slight breeze. This is the kind of treat that will be savored long after the workout.

Installing Glass Pocket Doors to Create Fitness Rooms That People Will Actually Use TSX0 gym-1100x631-LOGO

Glass Windows Vs. Glass Doors: A Closer Look

Windows can be a great way to encourage more people to use the room, but we think there’s an even better choice out there.

An installed glass pocket door can be fitted from floor to ceiling, effectively blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. For all those who love exercising outside, this is an excellent alternative when you need an interior space for working out. 

The Benefits of Fresh Air When Working Out

When a double pocket door is open, it fills the room with fresh air during a person’s workout. This can instantly improve the concentration and sense of well-being of whoever is trying to squeeze in a little exercise during the day. 

Creating Positive Associations with Physical Fitness

Fitness rooms are meant to be enticing. It’s not always easy to work out, especially if people are already facing jam-packed schedules and want to enjoy a little rest wherever they can fit it in. 

How to Turn a Fitness Space Into the Environment of Your Dreams

To install a pocket door is to make it possible to shape the environment. This can be key to creating positive associations with anything from cardio to strength training. 

Why a Glass Pocket Door Is Perfect for a Fitness Room

There are a few obvious perks when opting for glass in your fitness room. For one, pocket doors can make a room seem instantly larger (even when they’re closed).

The illusion created by a double pocket door can help those indoors feel like they have the space they need to complete their routine without additional stress. 

Does all of that added glass lead to increased heating and cooling costs?

With today’s modern technology, a properly executed remodel involving the replacement of outdated doors and windows with modern glass wall systems can actually help improve energy efficiency.

Panda windows and doors are uniquely engineered with solid, durable construction designed to address both energy efficiency needs and occupant comfort. Panda offers one of the best warranties in the industry because we are confident that our windows and doors will stand the test of time. 

A Glass Door You Can Count on Through It All

quality glass door is one where you don’t have to worry about it sticking during wet weather. If you need to lock it up for the night, the pocket door hardware will slide smoothly into place. 

The Right Materials for Your Door Frame

When you invest in the right materials, you can see the difference right away. If your fitness room starts getting more traffic on a daily basis, quality pocket doors and door hardware can handle the pressure. 

Easy Operation: The Importance of Quality Pocket Door Hardware on a Pocket Door Frame

The pockets of these sliding doors allow barriers in the room to disappear entirely, which is a great incentive to anyone who wants to feel a calming breeze during the most challenging part of the workout.

The European door hardware is designed to make the system easy to operate, which can inspire people to use a fitness room more often. Panda Windows & Doors engineers every single or double pocket door to ensure functionality for many years to come.

Installing Glass Pocket Doors to Create Fitness Rooms That People Will Actually Use residential-gym-1100x734-LOGO

When You Should Integrate Sliding Doors into Your Fitness Room

The goal of any fitness room is to inspire people to take an interest in themselves and their health. This all starts with providing a safe and comfortable place for them to set themselves up for success. 

Aesthetics and Form: Designing an Interior with the Right Balance

If you’re looking to improve the atmosphere, consider how the right doors will change the overall appearance and functionality of the space. Pocket doors glass are available with a number of features that can transform a fitness room from the outside in.

At Panda Windows & Doors, we offer products that ensure you can open and close doors without having to stop your workout. 

Are Pocket Doors Out of Style?

Decidedly not. A pocket is simply the mechanism where the doors are hidden in a wall when not in use. Taking a modern glass pocket door and seamlessly pocketing it into a wall creates a sleek, refined look that can complement any décor. 

Automated Double Pocket Doors Add More Convenience to Your Fitness Room

Automated double pocket doors can bring more personality to the room, along with convenience. Aerobics is a little more fun when you can cool off halfway through the session by opening the sliding door with the press of a button or even a voice command. 

Welcome the Best of the Outdoors and Block Out the Worst

Exercising indoors allows everyone to keep up their routines, regardless of what’s taking place outside. An open door doesn’t mean that you need to give up this benefit though.

When you opt for our automated pocket doors, you can enjoy the outside without unnecessary exposure by closing them on command as needed. 

Conquering the Unpredictable Weather: Doors for Every Season

We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with the weather. Even the best forecasters can still get it wrong from time to time. Our doors are designed for every season.

If too much wind is blowing through the pocket door or an unexpected storm pops up, you won’t have to worry about breaking the spell of a routine by stopping to close the sliding door. When you talk about practicality for a fitness room, it doesn’t get better than that. 

The Human Element: Enticing People to Use the Space

When you install glass pocket sliding doors with expansive panels of glass, you allow everyone to peer inside the space whenever they pass by. It can ultimately pique their interest in the equipment and layout that you undoubtedly worked so hard to organize.

A fitness room is all about engagement. Now is the time to consider how sliding glass can improve the overall experience of everyone inside. 

Add an Element of Fun with Glass Pocket Doors

When people think of workouts, they usually picture people giving it their all. Yet there’s so much more to a fitness center than grit and sweat. 

Multi-Use Rooms: Getting More from Your Fitness Center

From dancing to yoga, plenty of exercises can be calming, exhilarating, and downright fun. Panda multi-slide doors virtually erase the lines between outdoors and indoors.

This way, people can see everything from the smiles to the success stories that are all unfolding in the fitness room.


A Double Pocket Door for a Large Fitness Room

These doors are full systems where panels can slide to either side (or both!) and the pocket doors can be entirely eliminated from view. Open even the widest of spaces with virtually unlimited panels. 

Lift and Slide Doors from the Panda Select Line

The lift and slide doors from the Panda Select line are an excellent budget-conscious choice for fitness rooms. The sliding pocket will drop the panels to the floor sill using a system of levers, wheels, and gaskets.

Every seal in these doors is both air- and watertight, allowing you to keep out anything from inclement weather to intruders. Regardless of which system you choose though, you’re welcoming more people to take part in a room that can change their life.


The Power of a Well-Designed Fitness Room on Health

Fitness isn’t just for young people in the prime of their lives, it’s for everyone. 

Health at Every Age: Why Fitness Rooms Can Be the Most Important Part of a Property

Your physical and mental health matters more than the size of your TV. When you install the right fitness room, it can have a lot to do with how you take care of yourself.

Regardless of where a person starts in their journey, there is always room to grow. (There’s a reason why people in their 100s can still do push-ups, and it’s not because they’re superhuman.) 

Sliding Doors Can Lift the Spirits and Make Exercising a Better Experience

Designing the perfect fitness room with the help of sliding doors won’t inspire everyone to come inside. However, it can make people reconsider their position if they haven’t used the room before. 

Tempting People to Do More with What They Have

For instance, let’s say that a person is firmly against exercising inside because they want to connect with nature.

As nice as this sounds, being outdoors can ultimately limit people to what they can do. It can also expose them to unnecessary safety risks, particularly if they’re exposed to severe temperatures on a regular basis. 

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Interior and Exterior Fitness

A fitness room with sliding doors can be a compromise because they allow natural elements inside without restricting the equipment that can be used. 

The Illusion of Space: Giving People More Room During the Most Demanding Routines

Sliding pocket doors can make a room seem larger, which can give people the breathing room they need to relax and spread out during their routines. 

Designing the Best Fitness Room with Panda Windows & Doors

Our company was founded on the idea of health. The more welcoming your space is, the better you’ll feel about being in it. 

The Benefits of the Right Configuration

Sliding glass doors aren’t merely products to our designers, they’re a window into how you can change your outlook. This principle can apply not to your property, but also to your entire life. The benefits of design simply can’t be understated, and this goes for every space on the planet.

Fitness rooms are a place of transformation, one that shouldn’t be hidden away from the rest of the world. 

Never Hide Your Health: Open Your Space with Glass Doors

Putting health front and center is a great way to highlight its importance. Glass pocket doors allow for a floor-to-ceiling experience for those both inside and outside.

Panda Windows & Doors is here to help you install doors that keep people coming back again and again. To learn more about how we can customize our products and materials for your fitness room, contact us today for a quote or to find a Panda Dealer near you.

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