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Help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Let’s face it: building projects can be pretty wasteful. About 75% of the consumption of natural resources is due to the construction industry. The construction sites themselves create huge amounts of waste that isn’t always properly disposed of, but many of the materials used have the potential to be recycled into new material components. So which materials are the most recyclable?

Steel is one of the more common materials to be recycled because it can be endlessly transformed without much loss in quality. Steel is generally fabricated by combining iron ore and coal in a blast furnace, but the recycled material can be heated in an electric furnace; this lowers the consumption of electricity and eliminates the extraction of raw materials.

Concrete is another commonly recycled construction material. Recycled aggregate (or crushed hardened concrete) is commonly used for subfloors, but is starting to be incorporated into other structural elements as well. This concrete is 10 – 15% lighter than new concrete so it reduces the amount of material needed.

Reclaimed wood is becoming increasingly popular as a design element in modern homes and businesses. Hardwoods are quite resilient and, if maintained properly, can last for hundreds of years. But even softer woods can easily be reused as a component for MDF sheets. And if nothing else, the wood can be burned in industrial furnaces for energy.

Here at Panda Windows and Doors, many of our products are made with recycled aluminum – a 100% recyclable and sustainable metal. Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use and recycling the metal saves more than 90% of the energy it would take to make new aluminum. Pair our aluminum frames with our energy-saving thermally broken systems and you have a winning combination!

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