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Glass In A Modern Age

Modern architecture has been heavily trending towards more green building practices as consumers become more eco-conscious. This increasing demand has led to the rise of “biophilic design” – the practice of connecting people and nature within built environments and communities. The goal of this practice is to create structures that are positive for the environment and reduce the fatigue and burnout that is becoming increasingly prevalent due to the rise of office culture. The theory is that by bringing nature into a building (using water features, living walls, and access to outside views), we can improve the mental health of those working inside of it.

One of the biggest elements of biophilic design is the use of glass. Many buildings will use large glass expanses to provide views of surrounding landscapes while allowing natural light into a building, reducing the fatigue and claustrophobia normally associated with office work. This allows employees to be more productive and creative and supports a healthy, dynamic work environment.

Panda Windows and Doors has always believed a connection to nature is incredibly important to any living space, and we will fit perfectly into any project that wishes to follow the principles of biophilic design. Our large glass systems provide plenty of natural light and can be scaled to fit everything from a home office to a large corporate building. Our doors are a great accent to sustainable buildings; each door is made out of recycled aluminum and have the option of low-E or argon glass panels. We also offer thermally broken systems that will help maintain a consistent temperature, keeping heating and cooling costs down while maintaining the luxury of wide-open views.

Here at Panda Windows and Doors, we are dedicated to innovation and continue to find new ways to create the best sustainable products for whatever project you have in mind. If you are interested in learning more about our systems and how they can improve your home or office, contact us today!


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