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Exterior Glass Walls That Deliver Form + Function

When you think about exterior glass walls, you might think of expansive cityscapes below or giant ocean waves beyond. But the truth is that the right doors and windows can reveal hidden beauty practically anywhere you live.

Glass wall systems can be designed for rooms of any size, introducing the kind of elegance and drama that will make you rethink what your property can be.

Designing Moving Glass Walls in a Challenging Space

Panda Windows & Doors began in Las Vegas in 1991 to perfect the concept of sliding glass doors with both form and function. No small feat in a scorching desert!

The goal was not just to create well-designed products. We were here to offer practical benefits that wouldn’t fade with time. Instead of constructing superficial products that were mostly for show, we challenged the extreme weather and sometimes brutal force from the outdoors.

Finding Our Niche: How We Came to Specialize in Stunning Exterior Glass Walls

Our first project was an aluminum folding door for a remodeled home in downtown Vegas. The early 1990s were a good time for design, and the highly anticipated breakthroughs would quickly float the company to bigger and better things.

Exterior Glass Walls That Deliver Form + Function

What Is a Glass Wall System?

A glass wall system can refer to any number of sliding or folding doors. They feature large glass panels that can be operated by residents to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Large moveable openings became more cost-effective due to evolving design trends. They became incredibly popular due to their flexibility. They also offered the perfect solution to discerning property owners who wanted to make a big impact with their remodel projects.

Adding Exterior Glass Panels for Indoor Outdoor Living

The living space in particular was starting to be redefined during this era. As more people embraced the outdoors, they looked for ways to introduce natural elements to interior spaces. Panda Windows & Doors was there to meet those demands.

By engineering state-of-the-art glass wall systems according to the precise needs of the space in question, we were able to break into both commercial and residential exterior glass wall markets.

Exterior Glass Walls That Deliver Form + Function

How We Design Exterior Glass Walls with Both Form and Function

Our staff never had the illusion that great design was enough to transform an interior. However, you might be surprised at how many people choose a product for its looks rather than its functionality. A moving glass wall that looks great is certainly nice, but you need what you buy to actually perform.

Engineering Folding Glass Walls for the People Who Use Them

Performance was the foundation of Panda: we believe that form follows function. When you reach for the door, we want the transition from inside to outside to be as smooth as possible.

Sliding glass doors aren’t going to hang in a museum, they’re going to be used daily in a home or office. Its function is to insulate the property, move seamlessly, and provide aesthetic qualities that standard doors can’t.

Designing a Glass Door from Start to Finish

When our designers approach a project, they do so based on where the room faces and how people use the doors. We also take into account safety. Our panels are combined with multi-point locking mechanisms to ensure security against forced entry or brutal weather.

We’re proud to customize every sliding glass wall project for your residential or commercial property. Regardless of what you use the living space for and how often, we have an answer for you.

High-traffic days are no match for the durable steel rollers and lightweight profiles. Even when glass panels weigh more than 800 pounds, which is entirely possible with our sliding glass doors, it’s effortless to open and close them. Time and time again, people count on our doors to stand strong against the many perils of time.

Exterior Glass Walls That Deliver Form + Function

Incorporating the Tenets of Functional Design: A Lesson in Economy

At Panda Windows & Doors, we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. Few people will want to wrestle with a door or window if it’s clunky to open and close. They might even avoid it entirely.

Starting Fresh: Why Each of Our Exterior Glass Walls Are Designed from Scratch

Since our windows and doors are all custom built, our engineers and designers tackle each project keeping in mind the unique details for every project. This allows them to understand the product from more than an engineering perspective. From the hardware to the aesthetics, they prioritize simplicity and economy at every turn for the client.

Doing so not only gives people a product that they can rely on but also streamlines how the products operate both now and in the future. If a part needs to be replaced (after many years), it smooths the path to fix it. Property owners won’t have to call dozens of handymen to get their doors back up and running.

How Exterior Walls Can Spruce Up Your Interior

Our team offers people more access to the outdoors, regardless of how they choose to experience it. Whether exterior glass walls are closed during a storm or open to an inviting breeze and stunning sunshine, the returns on a Panda investment won’t diminish over time.

The TS.XO Multi-Slide Door System: Where It All Comes Together

Panda offers more than 50 kinds of systems to clients, including retractable screens, horizontal wall systems, and folding glass walls.

Exterior Glass Walls That Deliver Form + Function

Why the TS.XO Glass Panels Break the Mold

What are exterior glass walls called? The answer will depend on who you talk to. At Panda, one of our best examples of form and function though has to be the TS.XO multi-slide. With optional recessed headers and a 15/16″ dividing panel bar, the visual effects of the wall combined with its functional benefits are unparalleled.

Installing these systems have been undeniably rewarding at Panda. Our staff’s hard work is rewarded every time we see the transformative effects that large door panels can have on an interior. Rooms that once seemed closed off can be flooded with starlight, leading them to be used in ways the property owner might never have even considered before.

Just How High Can You Go with Sliding Glass Doors?

The TS.XO systems can reach up to 16 ft. high and up to 250 sq. ft. Larger systems are reinforced with stiles to ensure mechanical integrity without interfering with the illusion of floor-to-ceiling glass. Panda is used to working at some of the more spacious places, and our engineers are more than up to task.

The lightweight and ultra-slim aluminum profiles allow for a nearly weightless feel. Finally, an optional pocketed panel storage system allows you to see the interior and exterior as nothing more than extensions of one another.

Exterior Glass Walls That Deliver Form + Function

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All over the country, people are rethinking their interiors and wondering why there’s so much division between the beauty beyond. To learn more about our products that can add a literal breath of fresh air every time you step into the room, request a quote for your property today.

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