Folding, Sliding, Pivot?
Download Panda’s Residential Door Buying Guide

Whether you can’t decide between folding and sliding doors, or you’re new to the world of pivot doors – Panda’s got you covered with our handy Residential Door Buying Guide.

Sliding vs. Folding Glass Doors

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of differences to consider when comparing a folding glass door to a sliding glass door. Though both types of doors do a great job of letting the outdoors in, both have specific benefits and drawbacks that can be difficult to figure out before you’ve dealt with them in real life.

Different Types of Residential Doors

To add to the confusion, there are many different types of sliding doors, plus French “swing doors”, and pivot doors for modern homes that you may have not even considered. To help make the residential door buying process easier, we’ve covered several types of door styles (and the benefits of each) in this helpful guide.

We’ve also answered commonly asked questions such as:

Which doors are better for extreme climates?
Which doors provide the largest amount of clear space when opened?
Which doors offer the best view when closed?
Which doors are safest around small children?
And more…

There are a lot of variables to consider when comparing modern residential doors. Take a couple of minutes to download our handy Residential Door Buying Guide to help you make a smart choice.

Residential Door Buying Guide



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