Curb Appeal Trends for 2021

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but curb appeal is pretty universal. Defined as the level of attractiveness of a piece of property from a passerby, curb appeal is one of the largest factors in your home’s resale value.

Good curb appeal starts with basic maintenance. Even the untrained eye can easily tell when a home is well cared for, and this will immediately inspire a good first impression. But maximizing your curb appeal also means taking it to the next level. 


As a major curb appeal trend for 2021, landscape design is leaning local. Exotic plants might be an exciting addition to your flower beds, but native plants are inherently designed for your local soil and climate. Native have evolved to handle everything from pests to disease to extreme weather patterns. In short, landscapes designed with native plants stay beautiful longer with less upkeep.

Homeowners also have a chance to express their individual personalities with landscaping, which is an especially good idea if you live on a lane where the architecture is similar (or even the same) as all of the other homes. When planning, make sure to take into account the slope of the lawn, the size of the home, and the property’s aesthetic qualities. For instance, minimalist gardens fit in perfectly in front of modern homes.


Exterior colors can dramatically alter the look of the home and instantly improve curb appeal. Experts predict that 2021 curb appeal trends are likely to see a rise in the neutrals: creamy white, pale gray, and beige. Homeowners are favoring the warmer tones that are versatile enough to handle the gray days. Beige is particularly en vogue because the color is more likely to hold up under the weight of the sun and can even look like an off-white color in certain kinds of lighting.

Calming colors can also be used on a home to create a certain kind of mood. For instance, painting a neutral home with a pale blue or pale green accents. Or you might see two-tone single-story homes, with the main portion painted slate blue and the other painted white. Just keep in mind that any building material can be given a makeover with the right hue, even brick or stucco.

Curb Appeal Trends for 2021

Doors and Windows

Panda Windows & Doors has seen homes transform overnight with the right selections, which is why we have a wide range of items plus customizable orders. The front door especially is like the signature of the home.

As a major curb appeal trend for 2021, over-sized front doors are in style, spiking from an average of eight feet tall to 10 or even 12 feet. They’re also wider, spanning six feet or more. Big and tall doors allow more light and air inside the home, two elements that are vital to our well-being.

In light of the pandemic, people have been keener than ever before to blend indoors and outdoors, so this comes as no surprise. The emphasis for this year is also on clean lines as opposed to multiple panels or molding details. 

Pivot Doors 

Panda Windows & Doors recommends pivot doors if your home entry is ready for an oversized change. We offer both standard pivot doors as well as unique design through our Voyage Select line. These doors open on a spindle and rotate, as opposed to the normal hinges that are cemented to the frame. 

They can stretch from floor to ceiling and can take up the entire entryway of the home. Pivot doors appear as though they’re functional even without the frame, which can give the entire home a modern update. 

Pivot doors tend to be dramatic, which can offer a big boost in curb appeal. To install them, homeowners usually have to remove the side windows as well as the original door to make way for just one pivot door. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind home entry.

Curb Appreal Trends for 2021 Pivot Door

French Doors

A pair of sophisticated French Doors are also excellent for providing extra space and style. Elegant without being crossing the line into overly imposing, these swing-doors can extend more than 40 sq. ft. with just one panel.

At Panda Windows & Doors, we combine classic concepts with updated designs. Each door can reach up to 12 ft. x 3.5 ft., giving you enough space for everything from high-traffic to oversized furniture.

Operable Windows

If you’re looking to round out your curb appeal, we recommend installing operable windows that match your new front door. All our windows can also be incorporated to your door system, either as sidelights or transom assemblies. This will not only allow more light and air into your home, but it will also make it appear more welcoming from the curb.

At Panda Windows & Doors, our window profiles are similar to our doors, ensuring that your home achieves a consistent look. A European design ensures both streamlined installation and longevity. Plus, our windows offer all-season natural air ventilation.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s 8 or 18 feet tall, Panda Windows & Doors has door designs and side lite combinations to fit popular curb appeal trends for 2021. If you’re ready to raise your curb appeal, we invite you to request a quote or find a local dealer today.

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