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Breaking Down Your Barriers



In the windows and doors purchasing market, more buyers are considering ways to enlarge the space around them while hiding any sign of the window or door. Panda Windows & Doors offers products from our Multi-Slide line which allow the system’s panels to come together and, as an option, pocket into the wall. With this feature, all panels are hidden and out of sight while allowing a continuous look of fluidity between indoors and outdoors. Being short on space for entertaining is a thing of the past, as our Multi-Slide systems give instant access to joint rooms, with the ease of sliding the system’s panels and pocketing them into the wall for zero visibility.

With the ever-growing new-build market, home, and office spaces are becoming smaller in size with a need to expand at the same time. The Multi-Slide system has panels that are able to pocket, allowing for ample wall space to utilize. Multi-directional panel configurations are available at your preference, at Panda we are always considering your space for wall storage. Size does not matter at Panda as quite recently the TS.X0 was introduced into the Panda Multi-Slide family. The TS.X0 is able to reach panel sizes anywhere up to 250 square feet. Large in size with minimal obstruction as the stiles are an astonishing 15/16”.

At Panda Windows & Doors, we strive to bring clients the ultimate look of modern luxury. Having the utmost highest quality of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. We seek to piece together your design, creating a product we fully stand by. Our Multi-Slide systems take two areas, to form one space that is transformed. Learn more about our products to find the right fit for your project.
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