Architectural Evolution: Modern vs Post-Modern

Many people use the term “modern” to refer to any building with relatively new construction, but this isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, architecture’s modernist-era only lasted into the 1950s! The history of architecture is absolutely fascinating and looking at it’s evolution through time is an incredible way to discover design ideas.

Modern architecture began cropping up in the early 1900s as a response to the heavily ornamented styles favored in the Victorian era. Around this time many architects embraced minimalism and pushed the idea that form should follow function. This was aided by emerging construction techniques with steel, glass, and concrete. Architects began designing simple homes that stripped away unnecessary decoration and instead looked for opportunities to compliment the environment they were building in.

Although modern homes were a breath of fresh air for many, the lack of, began to take its toll in the early 70s. Architects began to look for ways to break the rigid structures that modern architecture had put in place. Most turned to the house’s exterior, using a variety of materials to give facades more character. Asymmetry, curved forms, and bright colors became more common and these new buildings brought a levity that was missing from their older counterparts.

Post-modernism continues to thrive today, although we’re now moving towards more sustainable, human-centric designs. New urbanism and new classical feature heavily in contemporary architecture and center around smart design, community planning, and classical design.

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