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This product line was developed in response to home builders’ requests for modern in-line sliding door solutions that excel in quality at high-volume-based prices. With the same commitment  to clean design, premium materials and high quality craftsmanship found in our custom product lines, the PandaSelect™ collection of multi-slide door systems provides contemporary beauty to commercial and residential budget-driven projects.


Featuring monumental panels with frame heights up to 10’ tall and widths up to 5’ wide, the PandaSelect™ multi-slide door system allows for stackable or pocketed configurations with a maximum of five panels per side. With four different frame material choices, PandaSelect™ multi-slides complement any architectural style helping you meet the design goals and performance criteria of your project. Its ultra-thin 3 3/16” stile and rail profile creates a stunning glass façade that maximizes the views of the outdoors, and acts as a barrier between the outside climate and the interior living space.

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